Saturday, December 10, 2016

All Is Well! (In the Ultimate sense)

I can't see how this is not the case.  In relative terms and from a (extremely) limited perspective, there are problems . . . wrongs to be righted . . . exhortations and calls to be made . . . BUT, from the Ultimate point of view . . . everything is perfect.  I believe God is sovereign and in control of all.  He tells us He is.  Not just over some things, but over EVERYTHING.  There is nothing--not one step, not a single breath, not a single hair--out of place.

In Ultimate terms, evil is not out of control.  Things aren't out of order.  Mistakes and missteps have not been made. EVERYTHING is going perfectly according to plan.

How can it be otherwise if God is Sovereign? And not only that, but EVERYTHING is designed to exemplify and reveal the supreme, perfect, good, holy glory of God.  It's not just that events and history are GENERALLY-"big picture"-"in-the-end" meant to show the glory of God (with all kinds of mess in the middle having been finally corrected for a final-shot reveal) . . . NO, in fact, every little turn, every seemingly insignificant happening--from the lone flight of some mosquito in a distant valley to somebody dropping a plate right now--is deliberately, lovingly, creatively and perfectly woven into the fabric of ALL THAT IS . . . with the primary purpose of exemplifying God's glory!

Nothing is insignificant.  If we had the eyes to see it, we would be cheering and heralding the astonishing glory and profundity of God's character in all instances, from the tiniest, most microscopic . . . all the way through to the cosmic and universal.

And I don't see how one single thing could ever be deleted or set aside as being inconsequential or unnecessary.  There is NOTHING superfluous.  There is surely no ONE superfluous.

I believe . . . if we love God above all . . . then we love EVERYTHING He has done, does or will do, even though it may be temporarily confusing or even painful.  We trust Him . . . that all He does is perfect, good and holy . . . and is a revelation of His glory.   With this in mind, nothing is wrong, nothing is going awry, nothing needs to be corrected (by us). . . . All is well.  God is to be praised, loved and served in all things.  We trust His purpose.  (This would of course include those instances when we feel compelled to address temporal grievances--to "change the world", "save" this or that cause--I'm not extolling passivity, for He declares and effects the MEANS as well as the ends of things.)

I find it good and helpful to remember this . . . when it seems that things are not going well or in times of extreme challenge and struggle.  The temptation is to resent and blame if we are only viewing life from our personal, self-centered perspective.  From that view, many things are wrong and not going well.  There is no end to them. . . .

But putting God's glory first, then all is ultimately good and meant to be.

How can it be otherwise if God is God and God is sovereign, ruling over all?

I suggest any lessor view of God is not a view of God at all but of something else, something subject to God. . . . Praise God.

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