Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Wow.  I really am shocked that "they" couldn't stop Trump--or if they could, they allowed him to go through.  Regardless, it sure was thrilling to watch the seemingly impossible manifest.  People have had a gut full of the destruction and corruption.  Of course we wait and watch to see if "they" pull the plug on the global economy or stir up some other chaos to punish the peasants for daring to attempt to throw off the yoke.  And then, what will BHO do on his way out?  Burn down the house?  I can't help but think way back when Bush was still pres and I said I saw that there would be a hard swing to left, but because of terror attacks and general overall degradation brought on by the left, there would be a swing back to the right . . . then riots and chaos in reaction . . . and it would be "the right" who would bring on the martial law.  That . . . I could still see happening. . .. 

Whatever . . . for this moment it feels like a brief respite from the constant onslaught.  And a long awaited slap in the face to the idiot Marxist class. . . .


Lee in TN said...

Thank you Lord for your timing and seeing this through all the way for us. I am thankful that THIS was the time, with these candidates and this junction in history, and with the exposing of all the powers of darkness and corruption. Please finish your work to bring justice for the murdered ones, the hurt ones, the cheated ones.

And forgive us that we allowed this to get so corrupt going back decades (Clinton/Bush/Obama), and the blessing of sparing us the Clinton & Soros presidency. Let this increase our faith and reliance on you Lord. Amen!

And I hope you had a great birthday, BroT!

Mark said...

Not to mention what God can do.

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Now with the Left big-money funded Jill Stein recount efforts to further cloud the election results and bring in the idea of massive fraud (really by Hillary's camp), it reminds me of what you wrote about years ago. Just replace the candidate names for this election cycle, and it could fall into place -

"if there is big trouble surrounding the election--the voting. Massive fraud . . . lawsuits . . . contention. I suggested we might see it where the Marxist (Hillary) wins the popular vote . . . but Romney (Trump) wins the electoral vote . . . leading to constitutional crisis . . . trouble on the streets . . . protests . . . lawsuits . . . suspended decision . . . perhaps a panel-style interim "politburo" government . . . ."


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