Thursday, November 3, 2016


Again, I hope I am wrong.  It almost appears like there is a chance that the corrupt "elite" might be getting some sort of comeuppance and that the people take back some power.  But I just don't think "they" will ever allow it.

Just as I thought, already "they" are finding ways to block Brexit in the UK via judicial activism.  If nothing else works, corrupt judges can be counted on to stop the surge of awakened public desires for change and house cleaning. 

For one thing, BHO is going to go on a rampage of executive orders before he leaves (assuming he really does leave).  Those moves alone will cause all kinds of problems for the nascent counter-revolution, clipping its wings while solidifying his "transformation" of the country.

I fear . . . all in all . . . this, as of late, rekindling of hope . . . is going to be sorely dashed, and very emphatically somehow.  Something big, very radical will be done to slap down the revolting peasants to crush their spirits for good (if it could done).  I simply can't believe "they" will allow themselves to be moved out of the way.  "They" will burn the house down before they allow other occupants to enter in and clean it (and thus find all the evidence and dead bodies). . . .

"They" will go for full chaos and destruction before they succumb to acquiescence and justice.  And "they" are positioned everywhere--at all the levers of power and influence to make sure mayhem and confusion ensues.  Just as "they" are now stepping in to arrest Brexit and make sure it never really happens, I expect "they" will do the same here.

Of course, it all depends on God's will in the matter ultimately.  Yes, He could have it so that there is a righteous counter-revolution and that the people clean out the government and return it to some semblance of it's original, God-fearing foundations.  But why would He?  Have not the people allowed and condoned the murder of millions of babies for many years?  Have not the people allowed the subversion of God's ordained order in personal and intimate relations?  Have the people not allowed the blaspheming and profaning of His Word in music, art, film, literature--allowing prayer and study of God's revelation to be utterly excised from the public square?  Have the people not chosen mammon and materialistic pursuit above all, relegating the seeking of God and His truth to something like a hobby or occasional dabbling, if even that? 

And on and on . . . are the multitudinous ways that the people have abandoned, offended, defied and actively fought God and His will.  Is not the country (and the once Christian West) done just what Israel did over and over, chasing other gods and rejecting His sovereignty and worship . . . so that He allows/brings in conquering armies to chasten and punish?

I would only warn to temper your hopes.  I suspect (hope I'm wrong) that they will be dashed yet again and with a ferocity and finality that will shock.  We must not become demoralized.  For we are not here primarily to save a country.  We are here to glorify God and preach the Gospel.  THAT objective will never fail.  God's perfect will . . . will be done, regardless of superficial, temporal, political, mundane, worldly setbacks.  His ways are not our ways, and what often appears as failure to us is actually raging success in terms of God's sovereign designs and will. . . .

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