Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Observances From The Wall

Aside from the typical stresses and struggles of life in these times . . . I've had a distinct, continuous sense of unease lately.  It reminds me of other times that preceded some big, tragic, landmark event.  It feels like something earth-shattering being planned, on the cusp of. . ..

Something else I've noticed very recently, which I wouldn't be surprised is related . . . is a general "glitching" of electronic--more specifically, communication--devices; cable, internet, cell service.  If I were surmising, it seems to me that signals (kill-switch type triggers/tests) are being inserted, tested.

Putting the two observations together I can imagine . . . a huge event (or linked events) are in the final prepping stages . . . and "lines" are being tested so that internet, cell service, etc., can be controlled, shut down, altered during and after. . . .

For one thing, "pizzagate" is getting too much traction, and if for no other reason, before it gets too much credibility, "they" have got to shut it all down.  Too many people at all the high levels are implicated, so across the board, around the world, "they" will get together to devise an event that can get it off the front page of internet research--plus it will give them the excuse to seize control information.  This whole "fake news" meme is obviously part of their strategy to marginalize and isolate, cut off, the research and investigation going on.

And nothing I'm seeing in the president-elect encourages me that he is indeed, NOT going to be the one (that I saw years ago) who would bring the hammer down, cheered on by the "right" and patriots". . . . There were red flags all along the way, which I mentioned a couple of times, and I'm only seeing more of them.  No trust in the arm of the flesh for me, though I do believe that God is behind it all, nonetheless. . . .

On the bright side, there is a new upsurge, resurgence of the Spirit.  There are personal lulls of the Spirit . . . and more ubiquitous collective lulls of the Spirit (I believe, from my observation).   And there are times when the Spirit goes out en masse to touch and alert and encourage believers in the broad sense.  This, I dare say, is going on now, just recently begun.  There was a lull period, and now "He's back" so-to-speak.

I don't doubt that all these things are related.  Connection and communication with Spirit will be critical during the times of tribulation and assault by the enemies. . . . It is a time to get centered, solid, secure, in touch with . . . the Holy Spirit.  He is reaching out, gathering His scattered, effecting real "unity"--Spiritual unity, which truly transcends race, culture, social norms, time and space, situation. . . . 

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Mark said...

I tried to let folks no about changes in the sun ,its effects on the mind and tech becomming glitchy.Oh well..?.fear sells better in this kingdom.

God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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