Saturday, October 1, 2016

Zombie Blood

I find I'm a bit of a canary in a coalmine. . . . I could go into all sort of examples and details but that could come off self-serving which is not the point at all.

In the case at hand . . . I'll just jump in and relate some observations. 

For one thing, I would say there is a long and noble history of believers hiding.  Just as there are plenty of glorious cases where believers have stood forth, taken their hits and been martyred as witnesses, alongside this there have been also been followers of Jesus who went underground, "lived to 'fight' another day" . . . kept the flame/witness alive . . . by staying OUT of the torchlight of rampant persecution.  Also, believers have found themselves installed in government and military positions within the very organizations and state regiments that are effecting the persecution.  For example, in the Soviet Union and it's totalitarian satellites, oftentimes a believer would be in a position within a gulag (as a guard or officer) and could offer some protection and solace to fellow believers in those dire situations--could save them in some cases and mitigate their suffering.

As we descend into an ever more totalitarian social and political scenario ourselves, this type of thing will be happening again.  Already, we know that there are more believers than many would guess hidden in positions in the government, in Hollywood, in politics, music . . . who have to lay low or they will be instantly outed and blacklisted or worse.  Some are given to speak out and have a high (usually short) public witness . . . while others are given to lay low and work for Kingdom in other, more subtle and quiet ways.  Each must become convinced in their own minds and souls what it is that God is wanting to do with them.  One way is not necessarily right for another person.  There are many gifts and talents and proclivities--such diversity in the Body, that the Spirit will be operating in a wide range of modes and purposes and positions, some of which may appear quite other than what they are. . . .

"The Walking Dead" television show, wittingly or not, is rife with all kinds of social/spiritual/political metaphors related to current society. . . .

What I think is going on with me and my music venture is something like when the main characters in the show smear themselves with zombie blood so that they can pass among the zombies without being detected.  That is what I am doing, in a sense with my present Bowie excursion.  Again it's also like Paul's advice to "become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some."  --1 Cor. 9:19-23

 It's not everybody's cup of tea nor calling, but I do think as, for instance, the internet comes under increasing control and censorship, believers will of necessity resort to other means and methods to stay involved, to stay in the world/not of it . . . etc., to still be able to influence and share and teach the Gospel in subtler ways and circumstances. . . .

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Mark said...

Amen!,me for example in spirit I was placed here and my instructions were to locate the gate,learn how it operates,learn the true history and what I can about the seven star people's(cherokee).Share with others( what I was shown,stay near the gate.Now I wait for further instruction from Dad .plain and simple.On occasion I get to go into town but for the most part I'm right here by the white stone(Gate).

God bless from my outpost.....most zombies don't even know where the Ark is.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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