Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Party Line Or Else

The current social/political climate ever reminds me of a conversation I had with a Russian language tutor I hired way back around 1990.  I wasn't in school--just fascinated with Russian/Soviet/communist history and fairly convinced at that time that sooner or later Russian would be a useful language to know.  I knew that all of the countries's citizens vanquished by the communists were required to learn Russian.  And the Chinese leaders and "party" apparatchiks also learned and knew Russian, so whether by China or Russia, it was going to be Russian that would be useful--as I use to joke--in order to perhaps help get a better seat in the gulag. . . .

Anyway, Vadim was from Russia, studying in America and offered his services as a private language tutor (can't remember how I found him, maybe in the paper?).

And of course, as much as learning Russian grammar, I was constantly asking him questions about life in Russia/Soviet Union under communism.  He was a very nice fellow, polite and helpful with a dry, world-weary sense of humor.  I asked him about the schools there--what and how they taught.

The thing I've never forgot is when he described how sick to death most everybody there--especially the youth, students and such--was of politics and what we call now "political correctness".  "Political correctness" is a Marxist/communist/socialist mind and social control mechanism.  When it started up here in America I recognized it right away.  I did satire about it in 1990-91 in my talk radio "T-Ray/NWO" skits.  It is nothing more than an intimidation tactic by "THE PARTY" to force everybody to conform (happily or not) TO THE PARTY LINE. 

Vadim told me one reason Russian students were often so advanced in mathematics and science was because those subjects were taught mostly straight without all the intimidation and propaganda foisted by the Communist Party apparatchiks and so they would flock to those studies to avoid the overt government Party mind control.  The students and youth were utterly gut-filled with Marxist indoctrination infecting nearly every subject such as history, literature, art, social science, political science etc., and they craved free thought, free speech, free association, open discussion without fear of reprisal from "political correctness" Party enforcers.  There wasn't any of that, except in whispers,so they would hide out in math, the sciences and engineering.  Unfortuntately our schools have not spared those subjects "political correctness" patinas.

Obviously, our own schools now from the top to the bottom are thoroughly saturated with this collectivist, tyrannical Party Line garbage, with the same type of coercive threats--ostracization, expulsion, job discrimination and even criminal charges IF ONE DARES BUCK THE PARTY LINE.

He also--wearily--told me how everything in the Soviet Union was political.  EVERYTHING had to have a political angle to it.  For instance, you couldn't just watch a movie or read a book and enjoy it for entertainment's sake.   All art, all business, all hobbies, all literature etc., HAD TO HAVE the PARTY LINE social/political cause behind it or it was considered corrupt, dangerous and bourgeoisie.  EVERYTHING had to have THE PARTY agenda to it or it was not "legitimate".  Hence all the dreary, gray, drab, dull, boring, uninspired, contrived, predictable art, architecture, literature etc., that was sanctioned/prescribed by the State/The Party.  The populace found some respite in classics (classical music, ballet and opera) that pre-dated the Soviet era, though much of that too was censored or severely controlled as to what was allowable ("politically correct").

I loathe how now they have got our own people talking and thinking and fighting politics constantly--nearly every talk show, comedy routine, celebrity interview, art piece, musical bit ... has to involve political ideology and/or the election and it's predictably nearly all Party Line.  Otherwise you are a virtual (political) criminal.  It's like that is the only subject there is anymore.  This is what it was like in the Soviet Union.  Everything else was considered crass or vulgar or bourgeoisie--a danger to the State.  Politics--"correct" political thinking in the cause of social justice--for the "betterment" of the collective . . . according to Party strictures and direction . . . is pretty much ALL that was liberally tolerated.  Everything had to be subservient to that!  Nauseating . . . ain't it?

Conformity of thought and behavior through force and intimidation is the devil's business.
Unity of Spirit through freedom to love (or not) plus humility is God's.

What a dark, dreary, dull, monochrome, dour, depressing, ugly, horrifying, sad, nerve-wracking, oppressive, threatening, violent, devious, creepy, conniving, deceitful, wicked way it is--the way of evil. . . . . !

One day . . . all will be set right--we know this in our souls; we wait, we occupy . . . until that blessed day.

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Mark said...

Lots to be learned from going commie,lessons hopefully never forgotten.

On with the dead grind.

God bless.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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