Saturday, October 8, 2016

Into The Lair Update

What a mess, eh?  This election. . . . And Syria . . . long time readers will know that long ago I said that I thought that Syria, not Iran, would be the big flashpoint and possible kick off to WW3.  "Syria And A Bear" was a post I once wrote based on an intense dream I had about Syria being the excuse for Russia to take a real military tack against the U.S.

Meanwhile, what I am doing personally is a sophisticated operation--infiltrating the infiltrators.  Many have noted (among believers) that Christians have made a huge mistake by abandoning the culture--left the field.  This has been disastrous.  If any one should be making keen and beautiful and provocative art, music, literature etc., it should be God's people!  But for some reason ( I believe by Adversary trickery) Christians have gotten the idea that art and culture is not in their purview.  So the enemy has taken over the whole landscape. 

I will continue to write here, hopefully more than I've been able as of late . . . going forward, documenting, analyzing, sharing my experience in taking on and engaging the popular culture.  I am now gearing up to move into the next phase, which is where I will start bringing out my own original music which will give me the chance to address issues, spiritual, political, social etc., through my lyrics and staging, subtly devised but powerful to shock the comatose back into some semblance of life.

IF, lol, I can manage to not lose my shirt (my house, my car, heh) in the process.  It is highly taxing and straining all the meager resources I have to put forward.  I could certainly use some help--it is ambitious and in these early stages it may be hard to discern the spiritual purpose underlying it all, but trust me, I've well thought it out and sense Guidance, step-by-step throughout.  It is indeed a fine line, and I will surely make some mistakes, but overall I am prayerfully charging forth to help on the front lines pushing back, retaking turf, doing what I can to engage and draw the sleepy, programmed "masses" out of their cultural death spiral.

My p.o. box is still active--the post office messed it up for a moment and some mail may have been inadvertently returned (though I don't get much, so maybe not), but like I've said before, I am going to try and keep that there in case the internet goes down or so censored that we find it difficult to stay connected digitally. . . . If any feel led and can discern the importance and ambitiousness of what I am attempting, thank God for any extra help you might provide.  Regardless, I'm all in and whether all is crumbling, exploding around, I intend to continue--even more so during the inevitible strife and tribulation and flux we are headed into. . . .

Thank you for your help and understanding in this unconventional Gospel venture.  Rather than do nothing, with what little I have, I am trying to go full bore into the lair of the beast to find and save souls just waiting to be lit, all praise and glory to God alone. . . .
God bless,
bro, t

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