Friday, October 28, 2016

Either Or Any Way

. . . . As it's kinda my thing . . . to look ahead . . . and see things, as I was writing my last post I kept feeling an impetus . . . to try and do just that.  As much as anything . . . because for once, I don't see things clearly in that regard.  Last talk I had with Zeph or maybe the one before that, but within this election cycle, I think he asked me what I thought . . . and if I recall correctly, I had a hard time then seeing just how it would go.  Which I have found somewhat interesting.  Is it the "panel government" I once saw?  Something out of the ordinary?  A politburo of sorts?  As I was writing last, I wanted to say, "something happens" . . . "something big is going to go down" . . . but hesitated and thought better of it.  That has been said so often and while big things have gone down as of late indeed, depending on your point of view . . . not the BIG collapse that we have been expecting. 

But it's not as if big collapses haven't EVER happened.  I'm hearing the catcalls, "oh yeah, every generation thinks it's the last one--the last days--that catastrophe is about to befall" . . . . . But fact is, if you were within the walls of Rome when the barbarians finally sacked the place, it WAS a big deal and a major collapse.  Same as when the Mongols sacked Baghdad in 1258 . . . . men, women, children--some 90-100,000 were slaughtered within a matter of days, libraries sacked--wholesale destruction of a civilized city within veritable moments.  It happens.  It has happened many times.

Anyway . . . I can't seem to see either the Donald or Hillary being in charge, post election.  It's like something happens to intervene or alter it.  For one thing, look out, bar the hatches, hunker down IF somehow Trump were to win.  Because.... all hell will break loose.  There is no way "they" are going to allow what he intends to do . . . to be fulfilled.  "They" will burn the house down.  "They" will collapse the whole thing.  It will be instant chaos--something like Baghdad 1258, razed earth, salted fields, none left to tell ( although we know there are always some left to tell). . . .

I just don't see that "they" will allow an actual transfer of power.  War will start, or some surreal calamity out of the blue.  If "they" really think they are about to lose control of this thing--look out.  They will "release the kraken." 

But then, neither do I see a smooth continuation from what we have to more of the same.  Too many are aware and fed up for that too happen as well.  Either way, trouble ahead. . . .

The forces unleashed now . . . will not allow for a peaceful transition either way.  I suspect some new hybrid--a radical departure from past norms is what we are about to go into.  Prepare to adapt.

Just as in many times past when . . . barbarians or sophisticated tyrants have swept in or consolidated control . . . the suborned people are amazingly capable of adaptation and survival--even in the most mind-controlled, psychically dominated situations.  Time wears down even the stranglehold of tyrants eventually.  God's nature--the nature of the planet He has designed . . . will not allow such monopolies or vacuums to persist indefinitely.  And there are ALWAYS upsides to everything.  There is ALWAYS a bright spot--a spiritual purpose that is productive and beneficent and glorifying to God in EVERYTHING that goes on here. . . . Either or any way it goes. . . . Thank God!

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