Monday, October 17, 2016

A Vivid Dream: "We're Going Live"

Just woke up...and while this dream is still fresh on my mind I want to write it down--so detailed it was!

I was alone, on a business trip or errand of some kind, having gone north.  I was in a city, downtown and in an area where the government buildings tended to be.  For some reason I ended up in one of the gov buildings.  On their main floor, in the back behind the front desk . . . there was a kind of techy "boiler room" where various typical gov employees were stationed at computers and video screens.  I was there to drop something off or get something (can't recall) and was kind of just cooling my jets in this backroom monitoring area waiting to get what I needed and be on my way.

We were making small talk--me and the computer operators, when I noticed some hub-bub in the room--quiet talking and some extra milling about.   There was an announcement I vaguely heard go out through the ear pieces in the workers' ears--something to the effect of "we're going live", and the black lady gov worker nearest me started dragging her hand across he computer video screen.  On the screen were simulated buildings--cartoonish, but ones I recognized as being the city I was in and some cities just north.

As her hand went across the screen (and I saw that the other workers were doing the same thing) little simulated explosions ripped across the buildings in carpet-bombing fashion, with little cartoonish fires popping up in swaths.   The workers were very nonchalant about it and acted like they either had done this a lot, or had practiced it many times.

There was a palpable growing intensity in the room as this went on, despite how casual everyone was acting.

Then the images on the screens switched to real, live video surveillance images of those same buildings.  There was rubble and smoking ruins in places, fires.  Did what I think just really happened--really happen, I thought?......

As it dawned on me that it did . . . I began to think of what to do?  How was my family, my wife? Were they caught up in this?

A supervisor came by and stuck his head around the corner and said to everyone there, "Okay guys . . .  in a building where 2000 people (supposedly) just got wiped out--well, you know what comes next . . . so this is your chance--"

I realized what he meant was that the place would soon be on lockdown.  I could see, in fact, on the screen around other targeted buildings, military or federalized police were already showing up in droves.
"I better get outta here" I told the worker near me.  She nodded, "yeah, good idea" as she started gathering up her things.

I hurried outside and immediately was met with panicked people rushing this way and that.  I decided to walk south, to try and get to my wife to let her know I was okay . . . but very soon, every route I wanted to take in that direction was blocked by police and military setting up barricade and corralling people.  I wondered if I should head for the hills. . . .

As it turned out, I couldn't get out of the city area.  All roads were no increasingly filled with military personal and equipment and there was the strong sense that they weren't necessarily there to help us.  All the people who had been out and about when the explosions happened, were being increasingly herded and cordoned into a central area.  Troops were marching in formation into and surrounding this area.  Also, strange mechanized machinery--the like of which I'd never seen before, started to drive into our area and seemed to be acting as intimidators, equipped with spooky bio-mechanized high tech social controlling weaponry. . . .

I was still determined to slip out of the area before it got too well secured and had decided I probably would have to head for the hills, though I had heard and somehow noted that these too were swarming with policing personnel and equipment in the areas bordering the city areas. . . .

I awoke about this time in story. . . . There were all kinds of other little details which I may add if I feel they are relevant.  It was an out-of-the-blue dream. I have not been focused on current events or thinking much about what to do when tshtf, as I've already thought all that stuff out.  So, I find it a bit odd this dream coming on me like that.... The people operating the video screen, setting off bombs like in a video game was surely the most striking part. . . . And while there were indeed some real explosions that happened, it was also obvious from the location where I was at that there were some major false accounts being perpetrated for maximized effect.  The building I was in was NOT bombed (or at least no one was really killed there), but the supervisor made it clear that it was going to be reported as such. . . .

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Mark said...

You have worked on your communist take over theory to the point of belief and have a need to be right.Is it self fulfilling?.....will see .It is Gods will be done and not yours,Gods glory not yours.Gods will is his glory!

God bless and keep

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