Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Activating "Tap" Of The Spirit

Oooh boy, what a slog.  An entertaining slog, but barely edging by nonetheless.  The most exciting of times/the scariest of times....

It's been astounding the amount of work--the millions of little things that have had to be done to try and get my musical venture off the ground.  I think it has come along quite quickly because we HAVE been doing the millions of little things (and not so little) but it's been a seat-of-the-pants ride so far.  Pretty much just Lindsay and I doing everything, learning all the (now necessary) social media stuff from scratch, all the logistics, materials, promo, networking--aye yi yi, heh.... The learning and singing and performing of the songs is by far the easiest part. . . .

It is a strange juxtaposition, having something so intense, new, fun and hopeful (albeit terrifying re what it does to resources) while at the same time seeing all the political and spiritual and social things coming to pass in the wider world, with all their dread, ominousness and impending sense of doom.

As it is, I treat every show as if it could be the last.  I think that is a good way to go anyway, as a performer--do your best always.  But truly, I feel like I won't be surprised at any time if events or the material toll this takes makes it actually so--that the next show could be the last.  Yet, I plan as though it could and should go on for years--I don't see why not 10-15 more years. . . .

For now, I am doing the so-called "tribute" angle . . . but I am also working on new original songs and plan to have a spin-off band that will perform my own material.  I've always rooted for underdogs and longshots and it seems somehow fitting that I be one myself at this point in life, trying to start something like this at my age and with so little to work with (resource-wise).  It is an invigorating challenge if nothing else, and one thing I've never lacked is creative energy.  In fact, I've had to keep it stifled for years, otherwise I would have gone crazy feeling frustrated... so put it deliberately into hibernation for the longest time.  I tend to stand back and watch personal experiences and developments objectively (a trait leftover from my meditation/observer/mindfulness days) . . . and remain fairly aloof from it all, which helps keep at bay any over-emotional attachment or slips into the worldliness of it.  In this vein, it is like an experiment and intriguing to watch unfold.  Especially the spiritual components as this has put me in a whole different arena of social interaction where the Spirit is sorely lacking.

With that in mind, I do like being involved with the world to the extant that it is constantly testing and challenging my true spiritual foundations and status.  Has it been all talk?  All just intellectual?... or have spiritual muscles, skills, abilities been forming over this past dozen-plus years which are proving reliable and stable?  So far so good and I like the exercise.  Too often it is easy to keep one's spiritual theorizing and learning purely in the abstract, where it falls flat on its face when put to a tangible test in the real world. . . . I am convinced that we ought be engaged (unless, of course, the Spirit has got us in a retiring/consolidating mode, which He also does at times.)

I do continue to see and believe that if we can survive this initial build-up phase without having to surrender or aren't forced under by the sheer weight of it . . . or if the world just goes too violent and insane--that this platform offers a unique and rarely used area of ministry and outreach . . . to people and areas of culture that I wouldn't normally choose to engage.  It's definitely out of the comfort zone....But I'm all about staying "young", supple, fresh, new and creative.  The commentary of Paul applies, I believe: "I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some."  1 Cor. 9:22

I can say for sure also that both my wife and I have relished how being born again and having the Spirit as a guide sifts out so much nonsense and destructive "natural" tendencies.  It is easy to "see" what's going on, who's who and what's what . . . if you know what I mean.  And, no doubt, this infusion of the Spirit throughout has been responsible for this venture being an activator/inspirer of sorts for other people--a lot of people our age who previously had been kind of washed up or depressed or had given up on their own creative and hopeful side, now have suddenly come alive.  It's like it "taps" them and activated a new excitement and energy which this venture has brought seemingly brought with it, which I fully believe is God all the way.  While so much is obviously dire in the "world" He is always fresh, new, light, positive, good, healing, clear, uplifting regardless!

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