Saturday, September 24, 2016

Onward To The Real Home Of The Free

Such chaos....We had 3 tornadoes the other day!  Here in the mountains!  Very odd.

Riots . . . yes riots, riots, riots.  My first show with Zeph still comes to mind. 2005?  It was about riots, coming riots being a "thing".  In '91 during my talk radio political satire days . . . I did a bit called "Rioters & Looters Convention" where I talked about being at a convention (in Chicago?) to learn new and helpful techniques on how to riot and loot properly, lol.  Then I heard just the other day that certain Democrat Party contingents have been doing EXACTLY THAT!  Going to these strife-ridden, left-wing bastions of chaos . . . and teaching the riff-raff there how to riot and "protest" and loot.  Oy, so much of what I satirically warned about, beginning in late 80s is now here, every day, happening. . . .

One of the more lonely predictions I made, in a very early show with Zeph, was that the "patriot"/conservative movement here in the U.S. would begin to see Russia as a hope for liberation from our increasingly tyrannical government.  I can't believe how true this one is panning out.  Even as I spoke it, it seemed like a longshot, yet not too long afterwards, I began to see it taking shape.

I still don't buy it--that Russia is standard-bearer now for "freedom" and "national sovereignty" and even "Christianity."  Thing is, I have read tomes and tomes of their strategies to conquer the West going back decades, and all I see is the final, successful fruition of their devious, Godless plans.

People forget (or never knew) that the KGB and psychological warfare wing of the U.S.S.R. long ago planned to infiltrate our culture, our arts, our schools, local governments . . . film, music . . . their plan was to flood the country with drugs, counter culture, generation gap, destroy the family, attack Christianity and infiltrate churches, create racial strife, direct radical Jihadism, both from the outside and by infiltrating our intelligence agencies and State Department years ago.  Then change their image to the world as being the defenders of the very thing they have been attacking and undermining all along.  Very clever and deadly effective.  Now you've got the so-called "alt-right" looking to Putin and Russia (still a communist government) to come save us from the very thing they have had as their number one cause--to destroy and conquer free America.  I hope I'm wrong.  Don't think I am though....

Thing is, our people have been so hammered psychologically and spiritually, that when the takeover is finalized, most won't even recognize that it has happened.  They won't know the difference as FREEDOM has been so long gone already that the feather that finally knocks it over won't feel like much of a change. . . . A whisper of a death rattle that only a few (with Eyes) will actually be able to See. . . .

I thank God He has me remembering I am but a traveler, an alien in this current world scene.  Just passing through on the way to the real Home of the Free. . . . Liberated already, beyond death, untouchable, perfect in the eyes of God, thanks to the Savior who stands in my place.  Just a matter of time now--not so much time at that. . . . A journeyman, a visitor, from another "country", another land, a stranger in a strange land, witness to His goodness and majesty, rejoicing in His grace and friendship!

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Mark said...

Proverbs 28:26
He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered

Word to the commie fool(The P.C.,the establishment,the elit intelectual,the stiffnecked)!.......God laughs at fools and their plans.

Proverbs 29 is a good word also

Brother Thomas ©2015

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