Saturday, September 17, 2016

Martialling Through

Whew . . . what a past couple of weeks.  Overwhelmed and underpaid, as they say, heh.  Son Alexander and His wife Skye are doing well with their boutique coffee truck start up.  They are now regularly setting up at various church functions, providing the best hand made coffee (other specialty) drinks in town.  It is a hard thing to do these days with all the incredible layers of local bureaucracy/red tape that need to be fought through.  It's amazing anyone can start up anything entrepreneurial these days. . . .

Jackson and Megan are working on their new music project "LaFrantz", which is just the two of them.  As far as I've last heard they are planning at some point in the near future heading off to the belly of the beast to "make it".  (Move to L.A. . . . . yikes....)  With all that is going on in the country and especially California I can't say I'm thrilled about that--plus I know how hard it is to break into the music industry.  But Jackson has always had a head full of steam and he is determined to give it a go.  We shall see.  I'm not so sure they won't be dodging "riots and fireballs" trying to get there, lol.  Yikes....

Skylar and Isaac are still with us at home.  They are both a bit stuck, as are we, to do much other than survive day-to-day and try to hold it together.  With their respective "disabilities" it makes it difficult to do much to help their situation (that is, get them out on their own and making their way.)  But, thankfully, they are both born again, and this helps relieve what could be a stressful domestic situation.  We are all constantly appealing to and taking guidance from the Holy Spirit to martial through the challenges.

My music venture is interesting to say the least.  Exciting on one hand and slightly terrifying on the other.  Lots of ups and downs, as you might expect.  The "business" is so cut-throat and competitive, even on the local level.  And then dealing with all the different musician personalities and their own needs, responsibilities, lives, ambitions etc., . . . trying to make it all work and moving forward.  WHILE keeping the "day job" viable. . . . We've been on the verge of total wipeout a couple of times but keep managing to pull through with a bit more breathing space.  As I wrote earlier, the vast amounts of time, energy, $, attention etc., are . . . well . . . heavy duty.  Yet, I feel compelled to make a go of it while there is still a chance I can.  Because of the long years of toxic effects of painting, and the toll I believe that has taken . . . and where it is all basically always just limited to the amount of hours I can work in a day . . . leaves no room to "get ahead".  It's hand to mouth with no possible upside.  Whereas with the music, there is the potential that I can break out, even at my age.  The music scene and "industry" is so radically altered nowadays from when I first was entering it.  There really are no clear paths anymore.  It is very much just what you can make of it yourself; at the same time there are a wide array of "tools" and opportunities to make it possible to do it yourself from the ground up.  It just takes a ton of work.

I prayed long and hard at the beginning of this, as did my wife . . . and trust that whatever happens, it will be God's will and I have kept in mind clearly the potential for Gospel sharing and exemplifying in realms and venues where the Gospel is normally kept out or even verboten.  As I move into working more on my own original songs . . . this aspect will develop more clearly (to those with Eyes/Ears) and purposefully. 

Meanwhile, I am well aware of the great social/political/spiritual battles that are raging all around and know that it could all be upended at any moment.  God bless and take care....

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