Sunday, July 24, 2016

Viva Life . . . God, Music and Coffee!

What I am keen on at the moment--is living bright in the face of oppression and gloom.  For one thing, life is such a gift--to be, to do, to create, to serve, to teach, to console, to encourage, to work, to play--all of it is an incredible gift and blessing from God, the Creator of all.

Always, since quite young, I abhorred that dead, bored, rote, going-thru-the-motions expression I saw on so many adults' faces.  I didn't want that to happen to me.  Where did the life go?  The enthusiasm, hope, joy, wonder--especially wonder. . . ?  The very fact of "life"/existence itself has always been a complete wonder to me--that anything exists at all . . . and then that it is so multifaceted, detailed, nuanced, diverse. . . . And presided over by God Himself!

It is indeed true that what you put your mind on . . . you become.  Where your heart is--there is your treasure.  I do think it is important to be aware of what's going on--to "be wise as the serpents", to not be naive, oblivious.  If we are to be like God (which we are made to be) then we ought be wise, aware, conscious . . . of the bad along with the good.

At the same time, however, there is no need--and it is not really helpful--to solely be imbibing the general negativity that the world is constantly spewing forth.  That is all other peoples' agendas--mostly unregenerate, lost, corrupt, self-serving people.  Why let their "reality" be your reality?

Instead you can focus on the good and the lovely, of which there is still and always plenty.  God is a positive, loving, merciful, good, creative, fatherly Being.  And He is a nurturer, a caretaker--One Who is deeply and genuinely concerned with our daily existence.  And it is never too late to "be alive"--to do new things, create, learn, express . . . as part of God's master plan of design and wonder.

I am pleased to see that my oldest son (Alexander) and his wife Skye exhibit this attitude.  So many, sadly, of his age have already given up, become jaded and cynical and no longer dream.  Personal dreams and ambitions, WITHIN God's guiding reality, are a great and wonderful thing.

For instance, he has tried his hand at quite a few things--always proficient in them all, and has now landed on an idea that we think is fantastic.  He has always been interested in coffee and has worked as a barista before, creating his own blends and specialty drinks.  Same with his wife--they both share this passion.  [They have such a fine, lovely Christian family together, beautiful children--our (2) grandchildren. . . .]

Anyway, they are have dreamed up a venture called "Savage Grounds" where they want to get a coffee truck and could travel to venues and events providing high quality coffee drinks and other specialty, yummy items.  They've researched, and there is a hole here locally for such a market.  I know they can succeed at this and I love how they have so quickly jumped on the idea and are trying to make it work--especially in these generally doomy times when so many have shrugged and given up and are content to just take a dole. . . .
Here is their campaign:

It also made my heart smile and felt great when Alexander told me that this sudden and recent musical adventure me and Lindsay have taken on has been some inspiration to him/them.  This is just what I would hope as a father, getting on in years--to still be somewhat of an inspiration and trailblazer to one's children (primarily) and then, if possible, to others as well.

Again, I refuse to throw in the towel on life regardless if the whole world has devolved into a motif of destruction, corruption, morosity, boredom, chaos and quitting!  God is a God of order and ever-springing newness!

It is an affront to God--to the One who gives life and purpose, to treat this reality with such careless abandon and disrespect.  While retaining a note of sorrow through all--at man's rebellion--the end result is victory and God's purposes perfectly completed, so hope and eagerness and a forward-looking expectancy reigns supreme. . . .

Viva life!  Viva creativity!  Viva family! Viva friends! Viva GOD! 

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Mark said...

Ironic! On that rock/stone down there in southeast Oklahoma are seven symbols the first of which is the X in which in the midevil furthark represents "gift".....hmmmmm!

God bless

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