Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Untroubled Waters

So . . . I'm busy about this musical/world engagement venture . . . but still taking in all the portents and disturbing developments carrying on in that same world.

One thing I will say is that my early strategy of talking about, pointing out, warning about, describing etc. the kind of police state/race-fractious/Marxist-led society that I saw coming--at least for me personally, has turned out to have been a useful strategy, now that we are here.  My objective was to acquaint and detail what society was going to be like--advising, telling friends, family and any who would listen . . . so that . . . when it finally really started to materialize, it wouldn't be a shock.  My concern was that people unprepared for the coming surreal, mostly insane and oppressive culture would just devolve into a kind of mind-numbed shock in order to deal with it all.  They would be too easily subject to the mind and emotional manipulation of the "dark powers" directing things, not realizing they were being subsumed by the madness (and unGodly spirit).

In my own case, and looking at some others I know who also saw and began to understand where it all was going and similarly warned--I find there to be a healthy, spiritual disassociation from it.  I am at peace amidst the gathering storm.  I know others are as well who have kept their focus on all that matters--which is the glory of God.  This is supreme above all.  It's not about us.  Oh yes, we are involved.  We are very important.  We are made in His image.  He loves us more than we can comprehend (and I expect we will be exploring that knowledge for eternity, ever deeper, ever more meaningfully). . . . But so much that is going on . . . is simply noise.  It's like the wind, the rain, the clouds that come and go.  Seasons change, sounds and voices and statements and agendas fly about as if seriously credible, when it is all vanity, bluster and nonsense--the babblings of the insane who are separated from their Creator, adrift, dreaming nightmares, crying out, unconscious of why the terror, shrieking nonetheless. . . .

Compassion, love and service to one another, to family, to friends, to strangers--this is where true meaning starts coming in and a semblance of eternal purpose starts taking shape--in the little things, the "little" moments of life (which are not "little" at all, but huge in the face of eternity, for "last shall be first", and nothing is wasted in those who love the Lord.

Gratitude for life, for every moment, for air and water and the chance to BE . . . and above all, the opportunity to be in relationship with very God of very God!  THIS is what matters at this time.  There is nothing new under the sun and startling as these times seem to be, they have been startling before--death and madness and horror have been abounding since the Fall, just taking different permutations, shifting colors, changing details, but always the same story:  rebellion versus conforming to the will of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. . . . Who are One.

Every day, one should be preparing to die.  Better yet, one should already be dead so that there is no fear of any further death.  The deal is done.  You are born again out of death, never to die again, for death is conquered, thanks to the Messiah.

I pray for us all--I thank God for all.  He is perfect, good, lovely and (righteously) terrible--a true God of Gods. . . . Amen!

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