Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Sublime Operational Motif

It is proving a fascinating experience--this foray into the world's turf as "Major Tom".  While Bowie was a huge influence (though not the only) on my artistic and especially musical development growing up . . . I can't really say he was ever an "idol" to me in the traditional sense.  As in, while I emulated things he did, ways he looked, I NEVER wanted to BE him.  I always had too much sense of my own self and spiritual purposes.  I knew he had taken, full on, the worldly route.  He knew himself that there were two paths, and while he took the one, I determined to take the other knowing that fame and fortune are short-lived and only a goal with eternal significance made ultimate sense.

This has put in relative touch with the Bowie fan-base worldwide.  Wow.  It is obvious that Bowie was and still IS a real "idol" in the Biblical sense to them.  They wake up in the morning posting pics and comments re Bowie . . . continue through the day with Bowie on the brain, and end their nights with Bowie good-byes.  To them, he really is the end all be all--a virtual standard of perfection.

Only God can be that. 

But it is no different than how most people live their lives, just with other idols as their sole or primary focus.  Family . . . a profession . . . pleasure-seeking . . . self . . . politics . . . other celebrities--are what so many have in the place of what should be reserved solely for the Creator of all that is.  Everything else is derivative--a creation or creature and no true happiness, peace or comforting purpose can replace Him.

At the same time, one's spiritual progress, I believe (in most cases--I'm hesitant to ALL) is almost pointless in this world . . . unless it is engaging WITH the world.  The "Way" is not like so many others where retirement or escape from others and worldly situations is called for.  It is by interacting with the challenges of the fallen scene and other fallen personalities that our true spiritual mettle is tested and tried.  It is easy to feel righteous when never challenged or when never having to deal with difficult, unregenerate people on a regular basis.  Here is the opportunity to show compassion, gentleness, understanding, love, patience!  Very quickly you can find out where your own spiritual weaknesses lie and get to work addressing them (in prayer, supplication, self discipline etc.)

Following the Master, we go into the world, mingle with the saved and unsaved, like Him, "raining" on the just and the unjust.  I guess I can't emphasize it enough--how having the so-called "reformed" view of things, helps in this regard.  That is, trusting that God is in control and NOTHING is happening without His imprimatur on it.  Where I am led to engage spiritually, I do, but there is no incessant compulsion to foist upon or change others according to MY vision of what ought be.  There is always a desire to see others blessed and set free, while at the same time a rather sublime operational motif of live and let live, "God has got it."

p.s. For those that helped me launch this musical/entertainment venture in the beginning I promised I would provide at some point some perks in appreciation.  I do have some nice band T-shirts made and if you who contributed to help get that initial photo shoot and rehearsal done would like one, please let me know what size you would like.  Just send me a note at

God bless, and I'm trusting that as things get more into a machine-like groove and set up I can continue to write here more often about the most important things in life. . . . It has been a bit of a shock, I must admit, how much work and resources this has taken to get going, whew!:)

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