Friday, July 8, 2016

Same As It Ever Was....

Last night played out like a conspiracy thriller novel.  The girlfriend streaming live as her boyfriend dies in the car seat next to her.  Live televised protests ensue . . . then multiple cops shot . . . in Dallas, of all places.  Like I wrote before, I am highly skeptical of anything nowadays that is blared by mass media.  Maybe it did really all happen . . . for real . . . that way.  But the timing again is sure highly convenient for the C crime family, taking the discussion and expose' of all her multitudinous lies off the "front page" just as they were starting to gain traction.  If a narrative unfolds, with uncanny precision, as if it were already scripted, complete with rectifying political and legal actions taken . . . which result in more losses of freedom . . . then it ought to make one wonder. . . .

Meanwhile, all of this is the same flash-in-the-pan as it ever was.  Under my "everything is the same/nothing new under the sun" theory, times like these should induce prayer and attention to soul issues no more than any other time.  It is ALWAYS time to be turning to God.  Since the Garden rebellion, intrigue, murder, lies, deception, theft, chaos and corruption have been the order of the day.  It is just as important to be looking to and serving God (if not more so) when times are "good".  The manner of distraction, is, in a sense, irrelevant. 

Whatever causes . . . or whenever you allow your mind to be taken over by an alien distraction (something coming from the "outside" to take your eyes, heart, mind from God) you are sinning all the same.  Next thing you know, you are looking to all kinds of different hopes and solutions to suddenly assumed, new imminent dangers. 

Danger is always imminent.  You should always be seeking to be ready to meet your Maker.  Looking at and relying on political or social or philosophical means for comfort and rectification . . . is the supreme "missing of the mark."

Peace in the midst of the storm . . . comfortable in the chaos . . . calm, integrous while corruption reigns all about . . . are among those blessings found . . . where it is the Truth that sets you free. . . .

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