Monday, July 11, 2016

Nothing Is Mundane

I believe it was an answer to prayer--a miracle even; yes I do. . . . And yes I do believe God is intimately involved with the smallest of details--all our worries and fears, struggles. . . .

Now, I rarely ask God for things.  I generally assume He has got it all under control and already knows (and/or you could say is causing) the situation in my life (and the world) without my having to point it out to Him.  I don't think this is necessarily the best way to go--to be so laissez-faire; it's just the way I am.  Most my prayers are for purposes of thanksgiving, gratitude interspersed with occasional, specific targeted instances.

Anyway, not to elicit sympathy or anything like that, but just to give some background I must describe the context of something that happened a couple days ago.

This band venture I am attempting, while exciting . . . is . . . well, it's pretty well wiped us out (financially).  Like I say, it's been incredible how much there has been to do and buy and put together to make it all work.  It's kind of fun, like the "salad days" again--there's no food in the house which helps the diet, lol,, bills are behind and it's day-to-day keeping it all afloat.  I figure, like starting any business, it's loaded in the front end re investment of time and money with the hope that it eventually starts paying for itself and then some.

So, I have a paint job that I desperately need to get done quick, though it's pretty big and requires I use my paint sprayer.  BUT, of course, when I got out my sprayer, it had problems.  A typical problem that sprayers get is that they "spit"--after you pull the handle to spray, then release it . . . it doesn't quite shut off all the way and you get a little trailing (spitting) stream of paint.  Which is a mess and really doesn't work.  Typically, you have to "re-pack" the gun--change the washers, strainers, tip etc., which can cost a fair amount . . . or just buy a new gun altogether.  Which I am in no position to do.

I took the sprayer to the job hoping against hope that I might be able to spray some of the bigger areas and somehow manage to keep the spitting mess to a minimum, though I didn't expect it would work.  I have not a day to lose messing around with this--so quite in a jam.

Now, these type of things (spitting guns) do not fix themselves.  If the housing is bad--old, worn etc.--it's gotta be fixed, there's no other way--or a new gun bought, neither of which I can do right now. . . .

Well, I got out the paint (stain, actually) set the whole rig up and pulled the trigger just to see how bad it was--if I could do anything with it whatsoever.  It was bad, actually unusable.  Dispirited and a tad panicked . . . I left it alone, mulling it over--what to do, what to do?--and did some other things.

Whilst working about, almost subconsciously, I found myself praying.  Like a child I prayed, "please fix my sprayer--I desperately need to spray today, to get this job going, for my family's sake, for the client--."

And to cut to the chase . . . amazingly, shockingly, when I went back to the gun and to try spraying a bit of wall--it was fine.  No spitting, none.  It sprayed like new!

No way this could happen by itself.  The thing was shot.  Yet there it was, spraying like a champ and I was able to spray the whole day without any trouble!  Not only that, but I was also low on product--I couldn't afford to buy all I needed, so the stain wasn't going to go very far even IF the sprayer were working.  Yet--and I know this sounds unbelievable--it was like the loaves and fishes.  I sprayed and sprayed, then went to check my bucket expecting it to be near empty, and it was as if I hadn't begun spraying yet at all!  Hardly any of the stain was gone--it was still nearly full!

I thanked God profusely the rest of the day and got quite a bit done after all.  I believe indeed, God had mercy and fixed my spray gun!  [The last job I had where I needed to use a sprayer, I couldn't because of the "spitting".  I had to roll the whole thing (a brick house!).]

From the smallest to the highest, God is there.  He may or may not obviously "intervene". . . . I believe He answers either way, always.  In this case, it was touching, loving and caring on display even in such a mundane situation. . . . Praise God, praise God!:)

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