Sunday, July 31, 2016

Holy Spirit & The Power of Prayer

Watching the Holy Spirit teach Sky, sent by the power of my wife's prayers is awe-inspiring; such continued confirmation of the reality of God's personal and intimate interest in our daily affairs.  Sky, our son, experiences a lot of stress at his work.  Because he is deaf he is often taken advantage and left out of important loops.  Something almost like gangstalking goes on--where other workers and even managers set him up to fail; hide his tools, change things he does to make it look like he did it wrong and on and on.  He knows it goes on, but since they are all in on it there is no one to go to complain.  Some have even been told to deliberately frustrate him so that he might quit (and allow, ie., the managers cousin or friend or whatever to move into the job).  Nepotism on full throttle, all the time. 

But he forges on.  Although many times it is very stressful for us all as he comes home so frustrated and talks and talks about it.  It breaks our hearts.  It is a difficult, complicated scenario.  We are cautious about doing anything retributive or rash.  We teach him spiritual ways to deal with it.  It is all a learning experience, not returning evil for evil . . . loving your enemies . . . real life, on-the-ground scenarios to apply Christian morality, Jesus' ways. . . .

My wife will pray, pray, pray for God to teach him how to rise above, how to deal with it.  He doesn't like to read, has a hard time understanding language in printed form. . . . But what WILL happen--what happened just yesterday--is my wife prayed all morning for God to move in Sky's life, to give him wisdom and patience and the right spirit to handle these worldly matters--the fallen nature of people, situations etc., AND THEN, on his own, he comes home from work and he has had a huge epiphany.  Before Lindsay has a chance to tell him that she prayed for him about certain specific things, he first effuses about all these realizations he has just had, saying, "The Holy Spirit showed me this, told me that . . . " and on and on he goes, relating back almost word for word what my wife had specifically just been praying for him to understand.  It is shocking, it is so OBVIOUS that the Spirit is involved directly in the situation.  We both have tried to teach him how it is possible to actually have empathy, compassion and even love for those who do you wrong ("forgive them they know not what they do") . . . which he listens to but hasn't really internalized into a real, genuine reaction.  But then, after sustained prayer . . . BAM! . . . the Holy Spirit responds to that prayer, and then shows him in his mind and heart what that means and how to do it!  It is just so obvious it is a move of God . . . in response to heartfelt, spiritually motivated parental earnestness and prayer. . . . Truly awesome.

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Daughter of the King said...

Praise God! Thankful that He listens to mothers.

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