Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Down From The Wall, Braced. . . .

Here is something I wrote in April of 2008:

"I am wholly at ease. I do not fear death–in fact, anticipate it; am not concerned nor afraid of the trouble that is occurring and which will increase. Anyone who knows me in person thinks of me as down-to-earth, laid back, mellow, polite and totally nonplussed–probably TOO laid back and unconcerned with things that most people fret and struggle over. [for sure, that’s what my mother-in-law thinks! :) ]

I guess reading my blog, where I am addressing specific things with various different levels and style of personalities kept in mind, it could seem like I’m alarmed or worried or anxious. Trust that, personally, I am not.

I DO naturally have protective concerns about my family, my wife. While I am pretty much completely detached from this world, in it but not of it, I don’t lord that position over my loved ones, respecting their own unique levels, inclinations etc. Teaching by example helps a lot; for instance when we were about to lose everything and in an impossible situation after being hit by a criminal who stole a lot . . . . and I would leave for work, same as always every day, unperturbed, not worried, relaxed; my wife would stare at me through tears saying, “how can you be so relaxed?” Which I was; even though it truly was, if you were looking at it through worldly eyes, just a horrible, devastating situation.

No, I’m not uptight myself, or worried about things. I’m just writing and talking, thinking out loud. Also, I know that not everyone is in the same space, and so I write on several different levels. The Lord told me to write and talk and get people prepared who maybe weren’t so much……so that is what I’m doing. Some people are meant to be shaken awake through a little shock therapy.

One thing that does overshadow some of my impetus is that I KNOW that things are going to get really, really rough. Ok, I will say that it’s my BELIEF . . . but actually, personally, I have no doubt. I’ve been shown it and see it in clear, vivid rendition in my mind, what eventually it is going to be like. Many who think they are prepared (psychologically, spiritually) right now, smug even, are going to fall to pieces when it really hits the fan. Many are in a false state of confidence in their ability to deal with it. Many, especially in the U.S. have no idea what it will really be like, as they have been coddled, spoiled, protected from much that has been common daily survival in other lands. The bravado is going to sail right out the window when the truncheons arrive, I’m sorry to say.

SO, knowing this, I am just doing a little NOW, while it is still yet fairly mild, to brace the mind, firm the body, steel the spirit, so as to be a little better prepared for that time. I get charges of “fear-mongering”, or “doom and glooming”, or obsessing on tribulation scenarios sometimes.

Which I don’t really, in my day to day, moment to moment life. No, I laugh and cook and joke around with my boys and wife and watch The Office and sing and play . . . . .

I am just led to broach certain matters, that, while not NOW seeming to be too relevant or imminent . . . I know someday WILL be, and so, in the meantime, I have to write and say something about what’s going on; how dire and devious it truly is, if one is not fully apprising the situation . . . which many aren’t; though they THINK they are . . . which is my point re the “mindblanket”, “mindfence” etc. It can easily be slammed as being presumptuous on my part, but I believe I know better in some instances what someone needs to hear, than they do themselves, because of what I know is coming later to them. It’s really no different than how, as a parent, one teaches hard lessons and sometimes tough love, knowing that it is in the child’s longterm interests, which they don’t maybe appreciate yet. If I’m wrong, sorry. I am doing the best I can with the information given and relying on the same Direction and inspiration–from God, which I’ve tried to follow all along the way–no different now.

Sometimes I DO think, why bother? I am wholly satisfied and comfortable within myself, my own progress, though always striving for more and knowing that it is all only due to God’s grace and mercy, any ground gained spiritually. Speaking publicly, shining a light, trying to relate to a wide variety of different personalities (readers/listeners) who have unique backgrounds–some quite legalistic, a few more new agey, some Catholic, some “born-again” . . . all contending and finding issues with which to pick, as my own background has run the wide field of experiences and philosophies . . . . Why put oneself out to be publicly targeted, infiltrated, hacked, etc.? There is really nothing to be personally gained, and mostly just danger and exposure to result. It would be very easy to disappear, just prepare oneself and one’s immediate family, and forget about strangers and loose internet acquaintances . . . .

But, for me, I consider all as part of a family, and so, to be cared for, warned and loved. And, the Lord specifically directed me to do certain things, and they had to do with outreach; so I’m just following orders, trying to please Him. And, I have a simply, genuine concern for people; what’s going to happen, the trials and suffering I know are coming and in many cases, already here; and anything little thing (and I know it IS little) I could do to help along the way, even if it’s just talking about it . . . . that much I will do. I hope to do more, God willing; provision, safe haven, healing, protection . . . has been in my heart to do since a child, when pondering these times . . . . ."

April 11, 2008

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Mark said...

My mother called the other day to talk about the most recent shootings/murders both cop and thug.I was telling her that unfortunately this sorta thing willbe the norm and far worse and on a scale that humanity has never seen before.Men hearts will fail for shure.

I cannot stress enough that this present world kingdom has to "end" and I'm not even sure what end means but we will see.

Soon we won't have to force feed the mana,the worlders will be seeeking mana and peace and it will be hard to come by.

Be available and god bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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