Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wicked Infiltration "Programs"

Thanks for your comments on my "Celebrate God Not Recovery" post.

It really is a bait and switch--dastardly in that it is done within the auspices of the church.  These "recovery" programs become an idol, a cult.  They replace what church should be and most importantly (and dire) is that they replace The Gospel and supplant Christ as THE ONLY WAY!  JESUS saved me--not some program or tangential "helpful" doctrine.  The founder of AA, Bill Wilson used a Ouija board and "spirit guides" to come up with his "recovery" philosophy.  And those spirits still run through the whole program and it's various offshoots like "Celebrate Recovery".  I am instantly highly suspect of any church that incorporates "Celebrate Recovery" in it organization.  They will say, "Look, it helps people get off their addictions so that then they can get to a place where they find the Gospel."

But that's not what happens, or if it does, it is IN SPITE of "CR".  What usually happens instead is that the recovery program becomes the end-all be-all, replacing Jesus and the Gospel as the only way to salvation.  What good is it to be free of addiction, "clean", so-to-speak, if you are still unsaved and relying on the flesh?  Many "clean" "drug-free" people are just as surely hell-bound as those caught up in substance abuse.  In fact, little doubt MORE . . . because they have a false sense of security and "success".  Those who are helplessly caught up in various addictions usually recognize their pitiful plight and utter need for a Savior.  They are "poor in spirit".  Whereas, those who've "overcome" are often "rich in spirit" imagining that one way or another, they have escaped destruction and achieved "victory".

Oh yes, they imagine themselves to be led and saved by a "higher power", but unless it is THE God of The Word and not some concocted idol, they are more lost than ever, deluded that they have "found it" when all they've found is just another replacement for the One, True, exclusive Way.

Jesus is necessary and sufficient to save.  Nothing and no one else is. Period.  The Hearing of the Gospel is the means to The Way.  Anything less or different is wholly INsufficient!  It is always and only Jesus Who saves.

Looking to Him and Him alone is the way out of all troubles.  He may or may not pull you out of the mire quickly.   He may leave you in some repercussions of your past sin life, for His good purposes.  That is irrelevant to the fact of His saving work, which is perfect and accomplished all He set out to do:  Set the captives free, thereby glorifying The Father Who alone rules Heaven and earth.

I believe, and the evidence shows, that these various "recovery programs" are subtly and deceitfully wicked to the core.  If any good comes through them, it is DESPITE them and again only because of God's mercy and grace in a given situation.  That churches and worldly-eyed church leaders, pastors incorporate them into their "ministries" is a blaring alarm and warning sign that true Spiritual discernment is lacking there. . . . These programs are just another sneaking and deceptive avenue for the demonic to infiltrate the gatherings of believers. . . . Distort and distract away from the simple Truth found in The Lord.

That's how I see it, anyway. . . . :) God bless!

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