Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Prime Mover Causes Freedom

Self determination . . . freedom . . . individuality . . . individual creativity . . . representation.  I think of all things I continue to ponder and analyze, the biggest mystery and paradox and wonder is (according to my understanding) how it is that God is utterly, wholly sovereign and that nothing happens outside His "decree" and control . . . AND how it is also the case that our individual "freedom" and self determination is so crucial and such a gift and apparent reality.

I believe we are indeed "free" in a sense--truly free and share in some way God's attribute of unique creativity and self determination  . . . However, no one besides God Himself is wholly autonomous.

Which just fascinates me to no end. . . .

"The truth will set you free. . . ."  What does that mean?  It can't mean that you become absolutely free.  Once you know the truth and it sets you free . . . it doesn't mean, for instance that you can now flap your arms and fly to the moon if you want to.  You are not "free" to do that. . . .

But it is clearly within us--a most intense and constantly driving factor--that we yearn to be free and ever chaffing at controls being put upon us.  At the same time, the apostle rightly describes himself as being a "slave of Christ" (Rom. 1:1).  How is it that we are both a slave and free? 

And yet, spiritually, I believe I understand this.  These are the things that cannot be understood or known with natural reasoning--with the natural mind.  They are comprehended with a spiritual mind . . . and perhaps not even such that it can be put into words.  "We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans."  (Rom. 8:26)  It is beyond words . . . similarly to how sometimes our prayers cannot be put into words, yet deep within, on the spiritual level, we feel we know what we want to convey, plead. . . . And the Spirit is directing it.

My thoughts on this were again roughly triggered by watching the "Brexit" event with Britain leaving the EU--the people striving for self determination against unseen, mostly unknown tyrannical distant overlords.

I seem to know this much.  God is control of everything.  The devil promises freedom, liberty . . . but brings enslavement.  In God I experience a matchless freedom . . . while I am yet His servant.  Personally, I think this is one of His greatest moves; giving us a distinct, unique individuality and creative will or at least a very real experience of such . . . while He nevertheless is Prime Mover and Director of all. . . .

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