Wednesday, June 22, 2016

That Hopeful Tension

But then there is the wonderful fact that it is not what we do, but what Christ did . . . that saves.  We fail constantly, yet there is a hopeful tension where, even though we continue on with varying degrees of our prior faults and sins, now we struggle against them.  We know it is not what we can do that warrants favor, nevertheless, we are led by the Spirit to try to be better--to fight the good fight against our fallen nature.  The one who does not strive against spiritual faults must be dead.  The born again--the alive, walk in a state of blended sorrow and great hope, joy, gratitude.  We are not what we want to be--what we will be . . . but some things are indeed finally changing.  Now, our sins tweak our conscience.  They unsettle.  We wake again another day to do more, to do better for God, to show Him our love and thankfulness for His matchless gift.  The dead however, do not stir.  They never-mind.  They carry on with nary a thought or worry, or, at the most, a vague apprehension that is quickly quelled through diversions into sense indulgence and ego relishing.

Oh how I cling to that heightened tension between feeling dissatisfied with where I am at spiritually--where my mind and heart still fall and are tempted COMBINED with a new spiritual "knowing" that God Himself has succeeded perfectly and will eventually purge me of all darkness and sin and that it is HIS work which now covers my faults and will see me to the glorious end. . . .

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