Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Takin' it to the man"

Kicking against the goads. . . . So much sound and fury signifying nothing.  All is vanity.

What are these "constraints" that so many are fighting against?  Striving with an obvious desperation to be "authentic".  They talk about "breaking down stereotypes", "the struggle" . . . all complainers throwing in together to "take it to the man".

Who's the "man" they are all railing against?  Surely it's not "society".  Current "society" seems not to be constraining anybody except those with "traditional" "Christian" values.  Otherwise it's anything goes. 

The "man" . . . who all are fighting against with their mis-directed anger and resentment . . . is the God-man.  That is all.  Disguised behind a thousand different agendas, causes, slogans, rallying cries . . . is just the one, same old failing revolution.  Everyone knows God Is . . . and that He is sovereign.  And all the fallen rebel against this inner knowledge.

And when they throw off their "shackles" (supposedly) and proclaim "liberation", they actually become slaves of the lowest order.  There's only one that sets free.  The Truth.  Being controlled by a lie--being a slave to the lie . . . is the most insidious of bondages.  For they imagine themselves "free" while every breath, every shout, every fist raised in defiance shows the horrendous and heavy chains of total enslavement.

Running . . . running . . . screaming away from The Truth. . . .

Self worship, idolatry running amok, making an ever-increasing din. . . . Delusion compounded, living in the filth and degradation of pathetic self service.

Meanwhile God see the truth and waits.  None will escape.  None HAVE escaped. 

There are not a multiplicity of causes.

Any and every-one who "takes it to the man" . . . is going to lose.

Submitting to The Man is real freedom and joy and purpose and beauty.  All the rest is senseless noise and ugliness.

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Mark said...

Yep,they(humanity) enslave themselves instead of "dieing to self" or "removeing the head of the infadel"(humanity) for those in Islam.

Oh,that rock in Oklahoma can be viewed as a giant tombstone!

One of the leading runic experts gave an interpretation of "a dead man lies hear".

Hum......wonder why?

God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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