Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Past blasters looming nigh?

Yeah . . . I'm quite suspicious of everything being posted as "breaking news"--the daily news narrative, shocking "events" etc.  Real things do happen--I'm just not so sure we ever get to see them.  It all appears concocted and managed to me for mass mind control, social engineering effect.

Recent events continue to look like what I foresaw waaay back around 2005-2007.... Here's again what I wrote:

  March 22, 2007:  "Recalling as best I can what I wrote, I think I then suggested that there would continue a swing to the left (which started with the last congressional elections and is now moving into full motion) . . . . and an ascendancy of the left for a time . . . . which is when the dangerous time will likely begin . . . . That will be the perfect time for the "t" word to happen in various cities, I suppose . . . accusations following of "see, we handed it over to the liberals and look what happened--" . . . . followed by the final hammer down, so-called "rightist" reaction of the police state/martial law . . . . . " 

June 26, 2008"I keep thinking of a post I made in the Lamb Cafe I think around winter of 2005. Bush was still relatively popular at the time--the anti-war groups had not really got going yet . . . though his approval ratings were starting to drop noticeably.
Anyway, I wrote that I saw Bush "limping" out of office--that his administration would be barely breathing, tarnished, possibly amidst "show trials" and a "constitutional crisis" of some sort. Then I said I could see a hard swing to the left, followed by the long-anticipated "next shoe to drop" ("another 9-11" type event) . . . . or series of terror attacks, during the left-wing regime; then finger-pointing "see what happens when you elect liberals", followed by the final hammer and swing back to a hard-line police state . . . . ."


I can easily see Trump being the "rightist" reaction to sudden "t" terror attacks I predicted in the left wing administration I predicted.  If Trump does make it in, I don't believe for a moment that he will be allowed to "fix" things.  There will be chaos galore and he will be the one, as I foresaw, to establish martial law.  The "right", thus, in this case would be the ones who actually call for and cheer on the final police state.  So diabolical, the manipulators who are staging all this....
I hope I'm wrong.   I also can see how, if it looks like Trump could actually win, they will bring the chaos in sooner to cause suspension of the elections... and maybe then we get that "panel" style government I also seemed to see. . . .


Cat Nap said...

Please stop teasing us, brother Thomas. I expected you to say something about the Mandela effect and the sudden upgrade in the human anatomy or the new words appearing in the KJV. I am sure you heard about this.


Cat Nap said...

Brother Thomas, do you have an opinion on the mandela effect? What to think of the new words appearing in the KJV bible or the sudden upgrade in the human anatomy?

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