Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nothing Wasted, All To The Good

Here is me and my guitarist Michael Hatfield at Open Mic Night at Velour performing an early, folksy-period song of Bowie....

And below is the other song we did--an odd choice as the original is not at all "acoustic" . . . which is why I chose it; to do a whole different take on it (called "Sweet Thing/Candidate":

Tomorrow night is the big show.  I just got home from our last practice before showtime.  Still somewhat surreal and astounding (if I stop to think about it) how quickly this has all come together.  It's been a very interesting on so many levels . . . especially juxtaposed against all that is going on in the world at the same time.  I'm always watching, thinking, analyzing . . . how my mind, my soul, and more subtle inner things . . . how they are affected by what I'm doing, focusing on, practicing.  Always studying . . . learning, observing. . . .  This venture is producing a lot of fodder for contemplation, comparing and contrasting.  It won't be wasted. . . .

And . . . watching how others are affected, how they act in new circumstances.  It's easy to be a semi-"saint' when you're sitting alone, reading scripture, unchallenged by others, by social interactions, never having to deal with radically different types of people.  So long as you can control your environment, you can maintain a false sense of progress and attainment.  But put some "sandpaper" people in there and suddenly you're not so sweet or "saintly". . . .

To every thing there is a season.  A time to be inward, to retreat.  A time to go out, engage.

I've always made a point . . . at certain times, to do something uncomfortable--challenge myself, shake it up.  Law school was one of those tangents.... Indeed, this was one of the better traits of David Bowie, speaking of Bowie. . . . He would deliberately put himself and his art/music into foreign, strange environs and methods, just to keep it fresh and keep learning and coming up with new twists.
It helps keep you "young" . . . supple . . . growing, alive. . . . Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn't.  In any case, if you are staying aware, conscious, prayerful, with God as guide and supreme end . . . it is always fruitful in some way or another.  Nothing is wasted on the Godly path.  All works to the good. . . ..

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Sounding good!

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