Friday, June 17, 2016

Facing Death Brings Peace

It's clear to me that what's happening in general is a serious program of trauma-based mass attempted mind control.  When so many horrific stories are presented on a constant basis to peoples' consciousness, it is just like the fire bombing of Dresden or London.  People go into a state of shock and reasoning skills vanish.  People are put into a constant agitated, emotional reactive state.  They split their personalities in order to cope with the day-to-day.  Many subtle and dirty deeds can then be done while the target is in a roughly catatonic state.  Like taking all their rights away. . . .

A big reason this often works so well is because people have not dealt with DEATH.  They've not faced the inevitability of death.  That is the backstory to all this. . . . Those that HAVE faced their mortality and the immediate concern (what does LIFE mean?  what is the point of it all?  what happens after? where do I go?) . . . are easily manipulated in life because of latent fear and unanswered vital questions.

It is imperative to be ready to die at any moment; to have all issues of conscience, soul, spirit considered and dealt with.  If they are not, then aggressive outsiders (outside one's own mind and heart) can sway, control, direct.  There is not peace, regardless of superficial poses to the contrary.

If one is not ready to die, then when a dire moment comes, it is all too easy to compromise--and to choose quick , convenient paths that lead directly away from peace with God.  The enemy is waiting right there to subsume and pull one away from the one, RIGHTEOUS path.

The tendency is to shut down, block it all out and stay distracted; which is highly dangerous, for one never knows when life and death choices may arrive.  It is best to face them now, while there is still time.  To be ready, willing and able to stand for truth, for God . . . and not be led astray

There is no real peace, however, for the one who has not considered the finality and inevitability of death.  This is really the only issue that matters in this life, yet few bother to regard it.  Most are caught unprepared and unawares--which is what the enemy wants.  It is not morbid to think on this.  It is crucial to face it bravely, clear-eyed and better yet, with joy, hope, faith.  Then . . . the whole world may rise and fall . . . atrocities, horrors may come and go, as they always do in this fallen, corrupted realm--yet one remains calm, detached, useful toward the healing and uplift of others who remain in darkness. . . . One becomes a light to the lost, an anchor in troubled waters--pointing to The Anchor and Victor over impending death.

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