Friday, May 27, 2016

Surmises & Expectations

 A couple days ago I got the chance to do another show with Zeph.  It was a great, high spirited time (no "low-energy Jebs here!).

We didn't get to the usual analysis and prognostication re upcoming events and I do have some thoughts on that, watching things develop.

I'm wondering now, if indeed, it is going to continue to go like I predicted it would waaaay back in the middle of George W Bush's reign.  He was still fairly popular at the time I first wrote that . . . I expected he would limp out of office, much maligned and unpopular . . . and that he would be followed by a hard left wing leader, a Marxist type.  I then said that there would be lots of civil unrest and possible terror attacks . . . which would then cause the people to deeply regret having elected him and then there would be an equally hard swing to the right--that the people would be crying out for a "strong man"; and that, unfortunately it wouldn't be the communist president, but instead the "right wing" leader who would establish martial law.  

I can now see how this might just be what happens.  If Trump does get elected . . . there will be civil protest, chaos, disruption like never before, I expect.  I can then well imagine that he does something like suspend the Constitution and forcefully try to restore law and order.

The only thing is, when I "look" ahead . . . I just don't see him there.  So I toggle back and forth between the other possibility I keep sensing (or perhaps just dreading) . . . where, something big, unexpected happens before the coming election, and some type of other arrangement is made.  A state of emergency pre-empts the election. . . .

In any case, I continue to expect that tptb will not allow a popular revolt against the tyrannical globalist status quo.  They will burn the whole thing down before they will see a genuine "democratic" revolution by the fed up, awakening masses. . . .

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