Monday, May 23, 2016


Oy, it's been hectic--so much going on that I've got to attend to to get things off the ground.  I'm excited about one thing which I will give you dear folk here the inside scoop on.  I haven't released the info publicly yet as far as details . . . but my band got it's first gig and it's exactly where I wanted to play for our first show out . . . at Velour Music Gallery, the big music hot spot in Provo where I sang with Jackson that night on Jan. 11.  We will be playing on June 30th, which happens to be my wife's birthday as well (I'm thinking of singing Happy Birthday to her Bowie-style, lol she would hate that--the spotlight on her at the club haha)....

So, it's "liftoff" for Major Tom and the Moonboys!  I can use and value your prayers for all aspects as this venture ensues.

God bless and thank you.


Lee in TN said...

That is awesome!! So glad you guys will get to play a show at that club....on Lindsay's birthday nonetheless! Wish I could be there...

May God bless this musical adventure! - Lee

Linda L. said...

Praying for your new endeavor. Videos sound good!

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