Thursday, May 12, 2016


Jijivisha means 'desire to live' Usually, it's a person who loves life and always has intense emotions going on within. He or she can go to any lengths to protect their loved ones and is very forgiving at heart.  "He has an amazing jijivisha (he has an amazing desire to live.)

I like this concept.  I can relate to it--especially lately. . . .

Jijivisha is also a stunning new short film created by Trevor Haugen & Jordan Towner.  Jordon was in my son Jackson's band Westward The Tide not too long ago.  He moved on to devote full time to his video-making profession, and oh my, these two young fellows out of Provo have done an impressive job.
On a wing and a prayer, they and their wives--no other crew--winged it over to the Far East and got some of the most incredible video footage I've seen in a while.   I think they are set to do some big, great visually creative work. . . . This "little" film is already garnering rave reviews.  The technology available is mind-blowing--what a couple of young fellow can do with it, wow.  I also just love seeing people being creative and daring in this ever so often dark, dreary, confused, destructive broader culture.

Here is the trailer:

And here is some fun and interesting behind-the-scene stuff their wive's took of the adventure.  Nice work guys!  This is God's world and I love to see all the different cultures and peoples He has made.

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