Sunday, May 29, 2016

Divine Masterpieces

No two blades of grass are the same.  No two butterflies, no two rocks, no two people, no two grains of sand are exactly the same.  Is there anything more astounding and apparent than that God, the Creator enjoys individuality?  What a glory!  What a hallmark and display of His character and abilities.  So, so much real, intricate, profound diversity!

And how obscene and ridiculous that a man or woman thinks it is in their purview to create or, worse yet, MANDATE "diversity".  As usual, the fallen, sin-racked megalomaniacal creature only ends up contriving through violence a banal and tedious, superficial commonality. 

Let God alone.  See what He has wrought.  Throughout the whole universe, from the microscopic to the vast, true variety is already everywhere!  And redounds to His glory.

Knowing this . . . we can witness and appreciate especially how every single soul is a spectacular work of matchless construction.  Oh what an extraordinary value you are!  You, with all your particulars are like a miracle even if nothing else existed--but all the more that you share existence with such a multiplicity of forms, functions, beauty, complexity all Divinely wrought. . . .

Every moment is a treasure-land of riches--every breath, every glance, every thought, deed and word is absolutely unique and produced ultimately by the hand of God.  Even in our ghastliness we are a wonder to behold.

And though we barely ever acknowledge or remember it--what a marvelous work we are, made in God's own "image"--yet God sustains us despite our forgetfulness, showering us with graces and blessings and existential riches, each one beyond measure, if we only had the eyes too see it.

So much is taken for granted.  But having only a sleight comprehension of the glory abounding in, by, through, all around us . . . we may still find the way to look upon God's creation and all His creatures, so that, rather than marginalize, disparage, condemn, we learn to appreciate and love in a foundational way His scattered and extensive masterpieces.

Every insect, every flower, each cloud, all the animals . . . the sky, the oceans, the mountain tops blaze with His extraordinary attention to detail and uniqueness--while furthermore, every single living soul that was, is, or will be represents a gem of His handiwork.  How dare we mistreat or demean or devalue a single individual.  There is a time and place for everything and a season for all, so that within our small frame of reference it may be necessary to oppose or correct or call out that which offends the character and image of God . . . but within the deeper level of our being, a tangible and effective love and awe and gratitude for all that He has made or allowed or decreed to be, ought be our core operating stance.  Meaning, we can disagree, fight, defend and even attack where such is appropriate and Godly, but we should and can maintain at the same time a deep reverence for God's purposes, where nothing and no one is a MISTAKE.  Every single person is integral and of value within the grand scheme of the Creator of the universe--of all beings, things and creatures.  YOU are integral!  There is really no insignificance to any part of it, from small to huge.  Nothing or no one is an accident or not meant to be.  All that exists bears the imprimatur of the Divine--the only One Who is not caused or created.  Nothing and no one is a waste.

Oh that we can bear a sense of this surrounding majesty throughout our days and moments here, knowing that God is not faraway or only negligibly involved.  He is everywhere.  His holy, glorious gilding runs through all; and wonder of wonders, we each are a part the masterpiece, indispensable and valued, regardless of how it appears to the dead or unconscious.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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