Friday, May 20, 2016

As It Is

Matt Slick came down to SLC to debate Shawn McCraney again, this time over a number of issues but especially the Trinity.  Watching the to and fro again it strikes me how . . . really it must be the Spirit that makes it so you can see the Truth.  Otherwise you are just left to your own subjective opinions and ideas, whims.  The foundation to everything is starting out UNDER God's sovereignty.  How does HE say it is in the first place?  What did He establish in His Word?  Whether I like it or not intellectually or emotionally . . . it is the way it is and it is only up to me to submit or not.  And even THAT is in His control.
But where Shawn and so many others go off the rails is that they start, not with God as sovereign, but with themselves as the judge.

He can't imagine a God, ie., that would eternally punish people.  Or that God chooses who He will for salvation--it's not up to the creature.  It doesn't seem "fair", "loving" . . . according to SHAWN'S sentiments.  If it doesn't fit Shawn's subjective opinion then he sets about finding a way to reinterpret it and concocting theories so that it does.

Once you do that, you are totally un-moored from objective Truth and now just operating in pure speculation, fantasy, hopes, fears, dreams.  You make a God in your own image and worship that.

Which is a disaster.  It is the source of ear-tickling preachers, teachers, promoters.  You become a "guru" and collect like-minded followers who also don't like God as He Is.  And all go over the cliff together.  So ominous, so dangerous. 

And what is so evident watching this over and over, not just from Shawn but from all who operate thus, is that it is so obvious that a person simply CAN NOT see the Truth of things UNLESS the Spirit reveals it.  Once He does reveal it, then all there is to do is humbly submit and perhaps say, "Ok, I don't understand or necessarily like it . . . but that's just the way it is.  I can spin off into self-referential fantasies of how I WISH it were . . . but instead I will humble myself and surrender my own preferences to the ONLY preferences that matter--God's."

And truly, this is where the Truth, rather than being oppressive . . . sets you free.  No longer are you there vying and arguing with Reality, with God, always at odds.  Now you are in His will and, since HE ALONE is totally free, you share in His freedom.  He is at the wheel.  He is in charge.  You are merely an adoring, awe-struck, grateful servant.
Praise God.


Mark said...

Perhaps Shawn will someday put off his ornaments and stop seeking self glorification.

It's called the glome or conglomeration(the trinity) and if one is not consumed in the spirit of the glome you wont see the father or the son.

Shawn give up and say"God"....."show me your glory".

Fred W. Anson said...

Absolutely spot on Brother Thomas! Thank you.

Jason Wallace said...


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