Saturday, April 16, 2016

Landing Soon. . . .

"Major Tom and the Moonboys" . . . landing soon. . . . 

[This is a pic my wife took just before our studio rehearsal/photo/video shoot, which she put on her new Instagram dealy.  Lindsaylumu . . . ("lumu" is what we text each other when I'm at work or away.  It's shorthand for "love u miss u":) I think is her handle.  I'm still trying to learn all this stuff.   She's learning how to use her phone to take photos for social media purposes related to the band.  Wednesday was a success btw--thank you! those who helped me pull it off. . . . I will put up soon some sneak preview stuff as I'm too excited to wait until I get the website going.  Oy, time--it all takes so much time to try and get things right.  God bless, guide and protect you each one!]

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