Friday, April 15, 2016

Holy Spirit Teaching

My son Sky, who is deaf is such an interesting case to witness regarding the Holy Spirit's operations.  Because he is deaf he lacks a fair amount of language, and misses out on a lot of basic life learning that hearing people take for granted; all the day-to-day conversations that go on between people, family etc., discussing experiences.  We, as a family, talk a lot about God, about Jesus and Biblical teachings--new things that we have observed or learned or experienced. . . . And we do make a point to share these with Sky--especially my wife who is here at home more often with Sky while I am at work.  Sky works, but only part time, so he is home a lot.

We have a really good idea what his knowledge base is--what things he knows about, words and concepts he knows or doesn't know and it is always a wonderful, faith encouraging experience when he himself brings something up that came to his mind or heart, which we know he couldn't have gotten anywhere else, except direct from the Holy Spirit teaching him inwardly.

My wife does have powerful prayers and I know she prays for all the time--among other things--that the Holy Spirit will teach Sky Biblical truth as he does not like to read and can't really watch and listen to spiritual programs ie., on Youtube. . . . (The closed caption program in Youtube is awful).

She just related an example of this that he recently told her about. . . .

He said he was driving home, thinking about God, about Jesus . . . and his mind was led to seriously ponder the suffering that Christ went through on our behalf, on his behalf.  He really "got it", he says, and ended up weeping even, as he drove home, so deeply touched and affected by the realization.  AND, he says he was overwhelmed with a powerful sense of gratitude that Jesus loves him and died for him . . . as well as realizing, as he also related, "Jesus is my only hope!"  Oftentimes, when describing a spiritual experience or thought process, he uses language that either comes straight out of the Bible or is common among parlance among believers.  And these are descriptions and verbiage that we know he has not learned or seen before.  It comes straight from the Holy Spirit, no doubt about it.

It makes it so obvious . . . that God is real, Jesus is real and indeed THE ONLY HOPE . . . and the Holy Spirit truly does teach us truth and guide us along our spiritual walk. . . .

It is such a wondrous, astounding, shocking, thrilling, humbling, personal yet majestic thing--this relationship we can have . . . with the very Creator of ALL that is, was and will be. . . !


Mark said...

At 51 now with a disability and taking nothing for granted I relate.

Thanks Sky for shareing.

Lee in TN said...

Bro T - I love this story! My faith increased...with joy!

Blessings always to you and the family - Lee

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Jesus is the only hope

Brother Thomas ©2015

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