Sunday, April 24, 2016

Change The Mind (and thus, the heart)

As you think in your heart . . . this is what you are.  Where your treasure is, there will be your heart.  "A good man produces good out of the good storeroom of his heart. An evil man produces evil out of the evil storeroom, for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. . . ."

Take your thoughts captive; do not let them be inserted by the din of the world where others' agendas and passions replace your own (which ought be of God), so that without realizing it you are being led day-to-day by alien interests driving your mind . . . and thus your heart.  So much unease, stress, angst, fretting that we may think, and thus feel, is unnecessary.  Because this mass communication world is a new thing for us now living it is easy to imbibe it constantly, for it is constantly there and many have not learned how to manage the intake.  Minute by minute, day by day, week after week it washes over us, through us and makes our inner life one of the world.  Many have become casually addicted to pouring over all of the tragedies and horrors reported throughout the world, as if they were immediately their business, and by studying them they imagine that they are involved with their rectification. 

But it is in our personal, up close and tactile daily relationships where we have the most effect.  One of the all too common examples of this malfeasance of personal thought versus action is that of the great crusader/"do-gooder" who fancies their self "spiritual" and obsessed with "making the world a better place" . . . where they are apparently engaged in all kinds of "big causes" like "saving the planet" or mandating "social justice" . . . yet are usually a personal wreck.  They speak and demand "peace" and chastise others (in the abstract) for being "materialistic" and self-centered . . . while they  exhibit shocking flashes of anger, jealousy, competitiveness, lust and disguised self-aggrandizement in their daily personal lives.  They champion the "human rights" of refugees or some other perceived "minority" but then treat their friends, mates and family like dirt. . . .

Take the log out of your own eye before working on the sliver in your brother's eye.  Many who rush out to "save/change the world" have first neglected the closest and most immediately important problems to be solved.  This often comes from having a mind that is filled with distant distractions and theoretical goals--all of worldly purpose and import--which displace what ought to be goals and purposes centered on God and one's living relationship with God.  "Religious" or "spiritual" ideas are the most insidious of diverting thoughts and agendas; for then you think you are being about God's business, when, in fact, you are still just being worldly minded in the guise of piety.

Whole lives are filled with nothing but the business of the world and the attempted advancing or forestalling of others' worldly agendas.  Dust to dust, vanity . . . all of it.  When we are purposefully in the Lord's will, He may or may not inject us into seemingly worldly battles.  But whatever happens, it flows secondarily.  First, you are submitted to and trying your best to serve and prioritize Him and His Gospel-spreading work.  Rather than having your mind (and thus your heart) brimming with worldly, carnal, materialistic agitations, you deliberately focus on Godly things and let the rest be added, as He wills.  Then, you can be IN the world, but not OF it.  You are IN Him first.  You are OF Him first.  Everything else, including your interpersonal relationships, duties, passions, goals, etc. follows . . . and is blessed!

As professed disciples of The Master, we are obligated to guard our minds (and thus our hearts), taking captive our thinking . . . to put it firstly in the service and focus of God and Godly things.  The Enemy would have you always leading with your heart, which then dictates what fills up your head.  The heart is deceitful and wicked and always prone to selfish, carnal, pleasure and ego-centered passions and purposes.  By following these, the mind then brims with the same and the whole inner life becomes a confusing, swirling cesspool of doomed, pointless to'ing and fro'ing, accomplishing little, if anything, of lasting substance.  Dust to dust it goes, the smoky passings of temporal ephemerality, here and gone, of little to no REAL help and encouragement. . . .

Once submitted to the Lord, our minds (and thus our hearts) ought be submitted to ourselves as well.  You cannot serve two masters.  Many try, imagining it is possible, but only end up serving the wayward and deceived heart as master.

Repentance is a changing of the MIND--of focus.  The heart follows.  (Of course, this can only happen when God Himself replaces the "heart of stone" with a living "heart of flesh"--but that's a whole other topic and not the focus here).

God blesses and sustains you always, Amen!


Mark said...

Amen! New heaven/conciousness/mind new deeds new heaven-new earth.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone had fun today.
Please forgive me bro T and Z. I never thought u would do something like that for me.

Anonymous said...

Please ask Zeph to forgive me. I saw u guys were back last night but was too scared to listen to Zeph because of the trouble I got u guys into. Please forgive me.

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