Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time, Energy, Heart, Thought For The President Of Light

Howya  like'n Romney now?  I never supported him, knowing he's a globalist shill, deceiver, who would carry NWO water as much as any other.  I'm afraid Trump will prove out much the same.  Except for those with emotional goggles on who refuse to analyze him objectively, it is easy to see his real heart on things slipping through the quick, loud rhetoric.  Like when Trump semi-sneered about "so-called conservatives" who oppose Planned Parenthood altogether.  No real conservative (especially Bible believing Christian conservatives) would disparage those who rightly see Planned Parenthood as a genocidal, child-sacrificing, money and traditional family-smashing racket.

His lauding of Richard Haas (Council on Foreign Relations president) as a guy he "respects" and "likes a lot" is troubling.  This is the guy that heads the org that's main objective is reducing America to U.N. colony.  Backtracking on his once objection to H1B visas . . . also eyebrow-raising. . . .

All in all, it appears to me that--great marketer and opportunist he is--he saw the mass resentment and anger in the conservative population and figured out which buttons to push to activate their die-hard emotional support, then pushed those buttons . . . but really doesn't mean half of it.

On the other hand, the hysterical opposition from "the establishment" seems to be a sign that he might be a real stick in their spokes. . . . And I do like that.

But, standing back of it all, what I really see playing out is more division, resentment, chaos being stirred up . . . which will only end up furthering tyranny.  The highly corrosive personal attacks (calling other leading conservatives liars, psychopaths) . . . is doing nothing toward ultimately uniting the genuine "tea-party"/patriot movement, but instead is fracturing it further and is only ensuring that, if he were to win the nomination, he will have so pissed off (ie., the followers of Cruz, Carson) that they will not vote for him in protest and hurt.  Myself, I want Godly men to be in positions of power.  Not men whose god is simply power. . . .

And then, really I don't think our support either way matters.  I don't for a moment believe that "they" have allowed our system to actually be democratic or republican (with a small "d" and "r") where the people truly get to choose the representatives the people want.  There is too much at stake to leave it up to the "great unwashed".  We are talking world power, one-world government . . . under rule by the "prince of this world".  I don't mean that we should give up or withdraw from political activism and civil involvement.  For SPIRITUAL Kingdom Of God reasons I believe we SHOULD be engaged and in the public square.  I just don't think that the theater we are being presented with will reflect much, if any of that involvement.  Our work is for the unseen, recorded and rewarded by the unseen, for purposes that are mostly transcendental at this point in time in the world, except for what we accomplish personally and in close proximity to where we physically live and move.

We are not here to "make the world a better place".  Yes, that is an incidental repercussion of what we are here to do, but it should never be the leading motive, otherwise we just get led astray and waste our time messing about the Enemy's camp and kingdom, rearranging tents and utensils in a village that is already on fire and destined to burn completely to the ground. . . .

Our purpose here is to glorify God, not politicians and countries and political philosophies.  We should be like David and be able to say daily, "I have set the LORD continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."  Ps. 16:8

The only thing that could change the course of a country or a people for the better--that could restore and regenerate it--is if the people in leadership (whether the citizens or leaders) become transformed by the Gospel.  THEN they will govern properly.  Until then, those who are not WITH the Lord, are necessarily AGAINST Him, and only death, destruction, chaos, corruption, perversion will result from those who lead and govern NOT by the Light of Truth but by the "lusts of the flesh, the pride of life."  (1 John 2:16)

Look how much energy and attention and hand-wringing, thought and words exchanged . . . goes into participation in this political drama.  Would that a THIRD of that time, energy and thought were spent in proclaiming the Gospel!  Indeed, I dare say . . . if a third of the conservative Christians who are now actively involved in supporting this or that candidate . . . spent the same efforts instead on spreading the Gospel, our country would be transformed to a nation of Light which could conquer the world for His kingdom.  For that is how powerful the Truth is compared to worldly thoughts and objectives. . . . But then, I've also read The Script and know where it's inevitably going.

But, as I've recently written, nothing is more sure than that we will follow a thousand other interests and worldly idols before we will put that much time, energy, heart and thought into working for the interests of God.

We are in the civil, cultural and political mess we are in . . . exactly because for decades, the men and women of the Body of Christ have abdicated their primary role in this world and instead have gone after chasing the Enemy's soul-destroying fleshly baubles and trinkets. . . .

I render unto Caesar's what is Caesar's . . . and get a kick out of a good portion of it.  But beyond that, I say "let the dead bury the dead".  God willing I'm looking at and fighting for the Kingdom of Life, which is NOT of this world.

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Mark said...

I tend to look at this whole p.c.process as a phsyop on "the people".More like a game the elite play to keep themselves entertained and where "the people" are irrelevant.

Ben Carson stated early on that his gutt feeling was the p.c. elite crowd would subvert the will of "the people" and if this where the case he would bow out.Donald Trump is now a polotician and blind to the subversion and now is a tool un aware on his own power trip.

The media pushes "polls" and "percentages" to manipilate voters and Trump.And they all take these as truth when in "this world leaders are appointed and voteing is irrelevant.Carson was/is the only one wise enough to see trough this.

Carson stated I don't know if you believe this but I'm a firm believer in "God" and quoted "you will know a man by their fruits".....did a nation reject the wrong man?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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