Monday, March 7, 2016

A Trump-like Softening

Okay . . . wait. . . . Let me pull a current Trump and soften, compromise my position a bit.

I don't have facebook and don't know who of my acquaintances and friends are Trump supporters.  I don't want to offend any of them for sure.  I know that not everybody supporting him is of the wholly "emotional goggle" type.  Myself, I was hoping for the best when Trump exploded on the scene going against the politically correct (cultural Marxist) grain.  But red flags for me started when he disparaged Ben Carson's faith.  He (Trump) was recounting Carson's conversion story where Carson said he had just tried to stab a loved one, then freaked out, went into the bathroom and found God.  Trump scoffed, saying to the effect, "C'mon!  Who could believe that?"  Well, I could.  My own conversion story was similarly abrupt and radical and know plenty of Christians also who have had the same "born again" experience.  In fact, within Christian culture, it is not unusual at all.  Any real believer knows this and would never degrade such a profound, sacred moment.  It rubbed me real wrong how Trump dismissed it out of hand like it was some crazy lie or the ravings of a sociopath.

BUT, I still held out hope. 

Then, he started attacked Cruz with typical left-wing, establishment style talking points.  And on and on . . . his words have betrayed that his heart is really not set in conservative soil.

What I'm afraid of with him is not so much that he won't follow through on his more strident threats to the "elites" . . . but that, even if he were to follow through, they will simply collapse the system on him and we will quickly be in a world of chaotic hurt.  But then, I expect that anyway, regardless of who gets in.  It could be that with a Democrat (ie., socialist/communist) they will try to prop the thing up a little longer. . . . But the economic forces and laws, combined with the cultural rot, combined with the spiritual malaise, added to widespread war and civil war repercussions . . . I just don't see how this mess can be turned around any time soon.  It is crashing, falling apart, by design, and the bloodthirsty, megalomaniacs who have been generationally conspiring to bring it down in order to reform their new ("illuminated") Utopia . . . will not be denied one way or the other. 

I don't bemoan anyone desperately wanting a temporal savior . . . and grasping for anyone who might fit the bill. . . . I am just concerned that they will be sorely disappointed once again and will lose heart for the greater purposes we are here for. . . .


Mark said...

Like I have said before in Gods grand scheme of things if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!.........Let this kingdom die!.All this making america great again is pointless but they see the writing on the wall and their going to try fixing it or saving it.This deadness is all the worlder has left and its slated for destruction.Its sad watching the dead scurrying around trying to save the ship.....Trump included.

The true believer knows there's a new kingdom to come....Let this one go!

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
There are certainly many points regarding Trump where I agree and see your points. But I have to say that in many ways, God has lifted up Trump for this time to shake up the Establishment, expose the lies and liars in power, and talk about many political taboo subjects that most politicians know to stay quiet about. And look at the attacks on him, the lies and death threats.

But as an alternative to Trump, I just don't see Cruz as anything but a well-groomed 'Constitutional conservative' puppet, along with the fake Rubio, with either one having been chosen now be the preferred GOP candidate to lose to Hillary in their pre-planned destruction of America. I guess it was supposed to be Bush originally. But along came Donald.

Trump, as Newt Gingrich said, is not part of their club and was not initiated and vetted in their secret society. And perhaps Trump has fulfilled his duty already and may not get the nomination, as the establishment will do almost anything to keep Trump out. But aside from Carson, who I do accept as an actual Christian convert and he seems like a good influence on the political scene, I do not see any other real option of someone I know is not already controlled and/or blackmailed.

Trust in God alone is the best motto it seems!! Blessings - Lee

Mark said...

This kingdom must end and if its end comes at tools of the commie so be it.Beyond this end is a begining where all is new and thats not the NWO but thy kingdome come.I watch Dr.Carson and others like him because he is willing to bow out or let this kingdom go or to end and quit trying to fix it and go on to the next......We will need leaders there with God/Jesus as king.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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