Friday, February 12, 2016

Ominous Developments & Wise "Hiding"

Ominous developments . .. . re the Burns Oregon fallout. . . .
I've been following closely since it started the protest in Burns.  Bottom line of what's happening is that the Feds are basically making it a crime to assemble and/or speak out in protest against government abuses.  It's the effective chilling and outright denial of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances".

Among other charges against the various people involved with the protests . . . they are making the heading charge of "conspiracy" (to impede Fed officials) the most prominent.  In effect, what it looks like they are putting out there . . . is that . . . if you communicate and organize and plan protests against the Gov., then you are a seditious "conspirator" worthy of federal prison.  You are a "domestic terrorist" even. . . .  How far might this go?  Will any speech between citizens, that the government deems as likely to "impede" officials in the carrying out of their work, be considered a "conspiracy"?

What ought to be noticed by bloggers, podcasters and . . . really any serious, legitimate non-state media purveyors . . . and activist citizens in general is what has happened to Pete Santilli.  He was arrested along with the Bundy's and the other primary activists, although he was merely on the scene acting as an independent "alternative" media journalist, documenting the events.  Yes, he expressed his own opinion of the situation, and often did so in his trademark belligerent style--nevertheless, that is not even what they are really getting him on.  They are going back several years to podcasts he did when he was in his hometown--things he SAID on his radio show that they don't like. Imagine, if they wanted to, what they might be able to go back and find on you in emails, conversations, postings, interviews or calls to talk radio. . . . ?

While the complaints appear to be quite legitimate that the Bundy's and other ranchers are making, the strategy of the Bundy's was sorely lacking.  They have allowed themselves to be drawn in and set up for easy capture. 

What is clear to me from watching this whole thing develop . . . is another example of what I've addressed before as the "Tienanmen Square tactic".  I see this tactic being in full force and merely at the early stages now of its "iron fist" component.  Lay back . . . with kid gloves . . . then strike suddenly with the iron fist once every potential troublemaker is drawn into the open. . . .

What they have done is . . . provoke some situations . . . then laid back and allowed the irate "patriots" to move into action.  Again . . . they hold back, watch, record and wait.  This gives the protesters a false sense of growing success and bravado.  Ammon Bundy and his crew were remarkably foolish to be leaving their Refuge stand to make forays into town and especially to drive many miles to go to a nearby county meeting.  Because the Feds had pretty much left them alone and even were acting somewhat conciliatory . . . it gave the impression that the activists were making headway and had the agents on the run or in a quandary. 

[But nothing could have been farther from the case.]  Then, with an agent infiltrator (MM) now increasingly guiding and forming their tactics, they were led and tricked into exposing themselves to a premeditated ambush.  It was simple to take them down and out and then control the narrative from there. 

Same as what just happened to the protest patriarch Cliven Bundy.  After the infamous standoff at his ranch in Nevada a couple years back . . . the feds backed off and left him alone as if he had "won" . . . and allowed him to carry on in activism and communications . . . getting over confident . . . all the while they are watching and recording his every word and move.  Then, when the time was right and easy, they simply nabbed him as he was cavorting about in a false sense of power and security.

I believe this is happening now on the broad scale.  So far, it seems we are mostly able to communicate and complain and protest yet relatively freely, so long as we don't do anything violent and overt.  But I suspect that all they are doing . . . is likewise . . . hanging back, watching and recording everything . . . building up case files . . . until the time when the big, final hammer (and sickle) comes down.

In the Bible we have examples both of believers submitting to persecution and also fleeing.  Both are proper Biblical responses and each person much be in close contact with the Holy Spirit to know which is God's will in an individual case.

Often times believers, disciples . . . are told to "flee" and hide-and even the apostles and Jesus Himself sometimes fled a violent situation rather than allow themselves to be captured.  In other instances, they humbly submitted. 

Some will be called to stand boldly and loudly proclaim the Truth.  Instant martyrs.  Others will be called to hide themselves, for there will be need of witnesses to carry on in all kinds of scenarios and locations ongoing.
Believers have from the beginning . . . been sometimes led to ensconce themselves right in the midst of the enemy, even in their employ, hidden, yet carrying on God's work where they are placed.  Each person's situation is unique.  Some of us will be blended in among the tares, secreted for God's purposes yet to be revealed--to be left alive to "fight" another day ("fight" meaning simply ie.,  to teach and preach and be witness to the Truth--the Word of God).

We should not lie or be deceptive . . . but we need not always necessarily be blazing our case.  There is a time and a season for everything . . . and it may be that some are called to lay low (though never compromising Truth) to be in a position to help and change hearts from "within" the "system" and to be on hand to help and perhaps mitigate the suffering and persecution of the people. . . .

Pray and hear and know what you shall do . . . according to the promptings of the Spirit combined with scripture. . . .
God bless......

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Mark said...

The costitution was written by masons/lucifarians for a lucifarian nation that has usurped the inherited land that God promised the people(israel).So of coarse lucifer wants no one rebeling against him while he attempts to set up his(luciferian) lieing nation.Jesus hid himself and the apostles by being in it and not of it or be as I(jesus) and not of them(the Lucifarian worlder).Jesus did not teach to rebel but work within "the world".I'm here to cause doubt in the worlders god lucifer and show hope in the God of truth!

I am the worlds antichrist!

I tried rebeling and wound up with a stroke......these lucifarians will flat out kill you! Now I'm in Gods will and not my own.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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