Thursday, February 25, 2016

Memory "Lapses"

I really think something is going on and/or has gone on . . . to mess with peoples' memory capacity/quality. 
More and more I am seeing this/hearing this. . . . People can't recall basic things that they plainly know.  Several talk show hosts I've heard in just the past couple of days--all of them during their shows and interviews . . . had problems recalling the names of certain people they were referring to . . . or names of other things. . . . It was striking.  Simple stuff they would normally have no trouble remembering, and even the guests were at a loss.  I've seen it when out and about overhearing people in line at stores or in casual conversation--people go to tell something and suddenly they can't think of the thing or details they are trying to communicate.  It's been going on a while here on the home front, and I would say it's just because of getting older . . . but our kids and their friends or mates have the same thing going on. . . .
Anyone else noticing or experiencing this?  Could it be all the wifi and radio and emf waves pouring around the atmosphere messing with brain function?  Is it something more nefarious like an implemented version of the "Nowness Generator" I made a spoof about back in the early 90s where I was anticipating a government program which allows people to daily wipe out their memory to blank slates so that "official" information can downloaded for the days' directives?  (That bit is there in my soundclick radio player on the sidebar). . . .

Just thought I'd mention it.  I hope it doesn't get worse.  Is it so that we forget our history, our traditions or to make us less capable of dealing with what's going on to put us in tyranny?


Mark said...

Keeping my powder dry on this.Besides most don't listen to the least of and its exausting trying to bust through all the fear end times programing.Just keep looking forward until you see the then you will have forgotten "the end".

Keep looking up and forward!

Paul Daly said...

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder :

Anonymous said...

Absolutely yes. I have suddenly (about 1 year ago) become forgetful. Simple things...stuff I have done a hundred times...It is/has been quite disturbing. I thought it was early onset Alzheimer's or something...but it comes and goes. Some days just terrible...other days I am sharp as a tack.

Something definitely going on and am so glad you shared this. Calling things by the wrong name is also a big problem..mixing up names ect...My son is 20 and I've noticed he does it too. I dunno.??

God speed


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