Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mass/Individual Seduction?

"I remember long ago saying that one of the big red flags to watch for which will be a sign that we are close to the big hammer (and sickle) coming down . . . is that high level people will "taken out".  It will be shocking, surprising . . . the types of usually untouchable players--how they are suddenly no longer "protected".  I said watch for swift and high profile purges. . . . This always is the pattern when the takeover regime is getting ready to throw all its cards finally out on the table."

I wrote that a while back . . . having written of it even earlier in the game.  Big level stakes bring big level "hits". . . . That's what I think.  It's what I expected.  It's what I see.

Then . . . there was a very strange, disturbing dream I had the same night the news came out of Scalia's passing.  I don't generally like to relate dreams as most seem to be mere subconscious rambling about and working things through.  BUT, sometimes they have a very different quality.  The difference is stark.  It seems clear to me in such cases that something is being deliberately communicated or shown. . . .

I had one of those the other night right after Scalia's death.

I have never dreamed of Obama.  But that night it was like a visitation--very odd and out of the blue.  Have you heard stories that some people have told about being visited by the Antichrist?  He appears in dreams or materializes in their room to convert them to his cause.  I'm not here claiming those accounts are legitimate but am saying that what my dream was like . . . was like what such people have described.

I was in some unknown location.  There were some people generally about.  Obama was there milling, hanging around.  Very slick, very well dressed and quite affable bordering on gregarious.  I sort of bumped into him as he was saying something to someone there.  I was kind of rolling my eyes, not buying his assertions . . . and made a quiet off-hand remark--something to the effect of "yeah right, is it not true that you have full intentions regardless to take us down the full 'left hand path'?"  He didn't bridle as I expected (as in, he didn't immediately switch into his famous, defensive, petulant attitude).  Instead, he came over and engaged me in conversation. 

That is when it got weird, and in retrospect, downright spooky.

In his presence . . . I gradually went from a solid position of adamantly opposed to his agenda to a softening and engagement.  A supernatural seduction was going on.  In my mind, as he talked I found myself thinking and feeling, "he's quite charming actually . . . I want to please him . . . maybe I will just go along with what he's saying . . . it 'feels' so comforting and seductive" . . . .

Yikes! . . . was my first thought upon awaking.  It was as though (in the dream) I lost my mind, my whole position and was lulled into an almost euphoric, "high", pleasantly relinquishing state of mind.

"Seduction" . . . in all it's broad aspects, is the descriptive term most applicable to what I experienced.

As I pondered the dream the next morning I thought of the various "opposition" leaders who have started out strongly opposing the president's agenda . . . who then--shockingly--suddenly seem to be his best buddy and going along with his program, putting up no resistance . . . and, rather, helping.  There was an obvious, visceral, supernatural element of seduction and something like hypnotism going on, the likes of which I have never experienced.  And there would have to be . . . for I despise what he and his comrades are doing to destroy/remake this country and "traditional" American culture.  Only some powerful supernatural force of compulsion and mesmerization could so swiftly transform my opposition . . . into a form of smiling, ceding supplication verging on cooperation. . . .

I have long imagined a scenario . . . as the end of things draws nigh . . . when the tyrannical elements and entities are in their final "bringing down the hammer" act . . . that "they" might have the technological (or mystical? or both?) ability to mass-drug or hypnotize (through frequencies?) the population . . . so that everyone FEELS euphoric, happy, content in reaction to the overt and otherwise obvious destruction of their freedom and sovereignty.  Was this dream a foreshadowing of that coming effect?

Anyway, just thought I'd share that . . . as it was a highly unusual dream fro me and bore profound mystical/supernatural qualities . . . I found quite alarming. . . . And coming right on the heels of the justice's sudden passing . . . it felt somehow related, as if we had just entered into a new, deeper phase of the "takeover". . . .

God bless,
God rules,
take care,
bro, t


Mark said...

Frank Whalen years ago would call These republicrats.

On the suface its to keep the people "mass" seduced and entertained as if they matter.Deep underneath is Satans game called polotics


And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to (whom) I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on (whom) I will shew mercy.

"Whom" is sigular as opposed to "mass"........right?

Be seporate and avoid the secuced masses.....in it not of it!

We all want to be part of something.Just not the world.God creates indi individuals!

Daughter of the King said...

I felt it the night of his inauguration, (the first one), just watching him for a couple of minutes on TV. It freaked me out. I have not spent time watching him since, except when I have to. He uses Neuro-linguistic programming, but there are principalities and powers aiding him I think. The helmet of salvation protects the mind. Put on the whole armor.

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