Saturday, February 6, 2016

Demonic "Christian" Culture

. . . . Yes . . . and Celebrate Recovery is AA's Trojan Horse into many churches.  I detest when worldly means and outright devilish methods are shined up with "Christian" polish and then inserted into the fellowship of believers.  In this case, it's like taking the Satanic Bible . . . changing a few words to give the book some "Christian" lingo in place of the overtly Satanic . . . but leaving intact all of the occult and anti-Christ ideas, methods, philosophy, techniques and spirit . . . and then sticking it in all the pews.  Because so many so-called "pastors" are themselves theologically illiterate and lack discernment . . . I believe you could actually do that and many of the congregation would barely notice the difference.  Worldly spirit, philosophy, methodology has so invaded "the church" and "Christian" culture that already many are believing and following demonic doctrine without even realizing it.  I believe that a wide swath of "Christian" culture, literature, music, entertainment . . . is flat-out demonically inspired . . . and I find much of it even more repulsive and insidious than the blatantly, unapologetic worldly, fleshly "entertainment" and culture that is all around and the order of the day.  Peddling demonic doctrine and spirit and methods . . . in the guise of "Biblical" and "Christian" is more loathsome than about anything else I come across. . . .

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Mark said...

This is why I say most ministers well intentioned went to seminary's and were taught how to teach and perpetuate Satan's lie.

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