Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tectonic Shift

It appears clear as ever . . . (in my mind's eye, that is) a massive earthquake--like .  . . big, big, big . . . around Indonesia?  Jakarta?  And/or somewhere of the Pacific coast?  There will be others, little doubt. . . . Someone's ramping up the tectonics. . . .No real point in mentioning it I suppose but it seems to be a thing--a major event that will have cascading effect. . . . I keep seeing it.....


Mark said...

Remember the two quakes a short while back in this same region.The first took down all the shrines and temple's.Before they had began to search for the dead and missing they were hard at work raiseing the temple's and shrines as priority.The the creator shook the region again knocking them down again.

It would not suprise me if this region gets it again as for sure theyhave now completed yhe templ and shrines once again.Perhaps God means what he says and says what he means what he says like "NO FALSE IDOLS".

As far as the west coast this is libertine(liberal) central and they love to practice the ideals that come from the Indonesian region.So again no suprise!

I wouldn't worry so much about what man can do but give God creedence and actually the worlders should fear God!

In other words I saw the Washington monument fall into a massive sink hole!

Remember as Israel is commingnig into the land of their inheritance these sorts of these things are to be torn down!

Lee in TN said...

Recent US west coast Oregon earthquake worries - a Tectonic Plate in the Ocean named the "Juan de Fuca Plate" has made a sudden, eastward movement and slipped beneath another Tectonic Plate named the "North American Plate." This type of event is usually followed by a massive upward movement of the North American Plate causing a very severe earthquake.

Other recent activity, along with unknown results from the N Korea nuclear test -
A deep M4.5 earthquake struck North of New Zealand several hours ago at a depth of nearly 200 miles (300km).
Now a shallower larger M6.0 earthquake has struck to the Northwest of the deep location... striking in Fiji at a depth of 9 miles / 15km.
Every time we see deep movement below the Pacific plate, it is followed with shallower larger movement in a nearby area.
Usually the shallower earthquake is 1-2 magnitudes LARGER than then deep earthquake. In this case.. the deep M4.5 caused the shallow M6.0 a few hours later.

Lee in TN said...

More US west coast volcanic and earthquake activity. https://youtu.be/S5zu3EJFY8g

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