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Shout Outs To: Mike Head & "Alem"

Happy New (world order) Year! ....
They be going full tilt now!

Hey, a couple of shout-outs...

First off ... "ALEM" .... I did not publish your comment as requested... Perhaps I can help you with your questions/issues... I don't do email much--just don't have the time to do it service re keeping up with folk... BUT, if you want, you may contact me there at

Next...   MIKE HEAD!
It was great to hear from you!
Mike Head commented on my "Music Break" post... He is a musician and very decent fellow that we met when we lived in Tallahassee when I was pursuing my music ventures....  We (my wife and I) were truly touched by the very real Southern Hospitality we found there during our time in Florida, including that shown us by Michael.

I don't recall how we met--probably through Charlie? (a studio owner/music manager type guy that I first went there to meet) ... and it was at Mike's place that I did some of my first recording there ("Taste Of Things" and a version of "Holy Man").   Mike, if I recall correctly played the acoustic guitar on the iconic:) recording of "Dancing In The Shadows".. A sweet fellow, Mike, who even babysat our small boys so wifey and I could get a break on occasion.  One of my fondest music memories of all time happened because of Mike.  One of my songs made it onto a "best of" Tallahassee music cd's called "Kudzu Menagerie" ....(I used my long time nickname "T-Ray") featuring the song "Love Plus Politics"....

And there was a big show put on at club there featuring the artists that were on the cd.  Mike very kindly allowed my to hijack his band (the "Casual T's") for my portion of the performances ... even though they themselves were also playing their own material at the show.....

I recall I had a bit of a panic attack backstage before playing and Mike calmed me down and encouraged me ... I hadn't played with a band for a while, was out of practice on guitar... and so on.

But, if I don't mind saying so... we killed it! ... Well, it was a very appreciative, packed, rowdy crowd overall... but my set came off very well, high energy and the crowd seemed to really dig it.  I played several of my songs, including one I wrote for the occasion called, heh, "Take Me To The Limo"... never heard before or again, and I had us open with a funky,bluesy version of "Tom Dooley".  They also helped me with (I believe) a rather stunningly beautiful version of "Love Plus Politics" ... which started out very atmospheric with just my vocals ... and (solo guitar? organ? argh I can't recall!) .... but then exploded in a total rocker at the end "They party all night--then they dream in the day... They got a little might--but it's fading away....They wanna look good--but they're busy being bad....You can't feed the people--on the dreams of the mad....." (about the decadent ruling elite scumbags)

Unfortunately, the guys I told to hit record capture the audio of the show... never did .. and so the moment is lost somewhere in the aethers.....  But what a fantastic time it was and went so well and I was highly grateful that Mike (sorta strongarmed, lol) his bandmates to back me up for the occasion.

It was quite a night... My longtime buddy from childhood (Scott Nagle) was in town from Salt Lake (he was my drummer in my band "Innernational Man" some years before.... ) and he and I went out to the studio in the jungle (Pegasus) were I--feeling quite now quite confidant and rock-starrish.... and rather toasted on various imbibements--kinda took over the studio.  David Engelke (the studio co-owner/engineer I worked with on my songs there) was recording with a young black producer (nice fellow) on a Bonnie Pointer (of the Pointer Sisters) session.  Bonnie wasn't there... and I sorta just blew in and convinced them to write and record a song on the spot.. . The resulting song is funny... because by the time we got to my vocals.... my voice was shot...from the night of performing and partying.... heh... And this is a song I recently put on my Soundclick player here called "Shambala Not"...... Scott was passed out asleep ... along with the end of the night...And I remember driving home as the steamy Tallahasee sun was rising.....
Btw, I just a couple weeks ago, out of the blue, decided to google David Engelke.... and wow! ... found out that he has gone on to go into business with musician Peter Gabriel (of the band Genesis/Phil Collins and solo work fame); he's even won 3 Emmy's!  Not bad for a guy I taught how to mix!lol:

BUT.... back to Mike Head..... Thanks for finding me Mike and yes, I would love to get any recordings you have that I did with you back then.
Mike was also responsible for helping me do my first music video... of my song "The Metropolis" ... which I have been meaning to post on my YouTube for a while..... 'Spose I will be getting to that as soon as I can.....

Mike also mentioned "Steve" in his comment... He means Steve Taff ... who was in a band called, interestingly "911" .... and Steve played on several of my songs during my time there... And is the best--my favorite--guitar player I've ever worked with.  He is an amazing talent... and swell southern guy as well!  We rented a house that his father owned for some of our time there... Very nice, awesome people.. all of them!  We loved the South and learned a lot from the people we met there--.  Southern Hospitality is a real thing for sure!  Talented, smart, funny, kind, creative, non-judgmental, open-minded and helpful!  That's what what I recall from the people who befriended us there.....

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Michael Head said...

Whoa....I never gave up searching. And trying to make contact with you as well! Ha. Ironic how we hooked up on the eve of Bowie's passing. Or really maybe it's not irony at all. It's weird, I have been working non-stop and must of had some denial issues going because every time I saw report on his death or heard some chump jump on the Bowie bandwagon, I would change the station or channel. (Hey. Chump Jump. I like that!) So I had a day off last week in Phoenix and drove to the Grand Canyon alone. Thankfully, I don't seek or have a need for closure very often, but because the man had such an impact on my life, I guess I was do. It is truly therapeutic there. It was 5 degrees and nearly deserted. I remembered first meeting you and realizing I finally got a friend who derived much of his inspiration from Bowie and instantly connected. You brought Holy Man to the table. You had the lyrics, or maybe you just wrote it on the fly I don't know we had just met 15 minutes earlier, I played a chord progression, BOOM, a song. Just like that. Awesome. If I brought one more Thin White Duke song to band rehearsal, there definitely would've been a mutiny! So I was really happy for our meeting.

Speaking of bands. My band was called Attitude. The Casual T's was Dave Murphy's band. We played the strip together a lot and of course Dave was engineering the big room at Pegasus. Such an incredible talent and good person. Sometimes the years makes facts become a little fuzzy. Actually back then everything was a little fuzzy! Hello. But I do remember the gig at the Warehouse. An awesome night (for everybody) and yes you were pretty much a wreck "backstage", but easy to talk off the ledge! I think I only played one song and had to scoot to an Attitude gig. Regrettably, because Attitude was breaking up and it was so positive playing with the T's and very volatile with my band. I believe my life plan was progressing onward at that point anyway. For the better, of course. Hope to see Dave this week. He has nice work space in town I want to check out. I am passing along your contact info if you don't mind. He is very excited to hear from you.

Oh yeah. Bill Wharton played that night as well. He has never stopped touring. Performing a one-man show and doing so many great things for the homeless. Check it out.

Steve is still tearing it up with a few bands, running the music ministry at Fellowship Baptist and raising his family here. He would get a kick out of me finding you. Plays a reunion every year with John Kurzweg and Slapstick. John may have moved to NY when you lived in Tallahassee. Multi-talented and went on to produce all of Creed's and Puddle of Mudd's records. Loved loved loved playing with him. So much fun and big laughs.

I am dying to see that video of Metropolis. You really have that? We used my old house on Lake Tarquin as a location. Blew up my tv with a mic stand. Sadly, didn't look that great. Never watch tv anyway. Odd I freelance in sports television for a living now.

Are you looking for any other recordings we did? I will see what Dave may have as well. I'd love to re-produce some of that stuff one day, bring it to the 21st century, but it's tough to find time with all the new projects.

I guess I should have emailed you this correspondence since it's kind of personal, but it's my first comment on a blog so whatever. There are firsts everyday.

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