Sunday, January 10, 2016

Powerful Tricks Of The Mind

There are a couple of efficacious tricks of the mind I employ which never fail to shift my attitude from a troubled to a peaceful, contented place.  Well, that's not quite right . . . anymore.  I have used them so often for years now that I very rarely, if ever find my mind in a trouble state as they have become a habitual mode of being. . . . But for one wanting to move from a place of vexation or anxiety, they work wonders and can do the same; although I have often found that people enjoy--in a slightly perverse way--their anxiousness and fretting and don't really want to be free of them. . . .

Negative attitudes, complaining, resenting etc., are like security blankets to some and are also used as manipulative passive-aggressive weapons . . . or, they are also often simply habitual through constant use or were programmed in at a young age.  In those latter cases, people are more open to breaking out of the habit realizing it is not useful or necessary and is more like a burr that has been stuck in one's garments . . . which one has thoughtlessly become accustomed to and never thinks to question. . . .

In any case, I believe these mental methods are wholly Biblical--based in scriptural knowledge and prescription . . . and can be utilized to stunning success, if one truly wants to mature to the next phase of spiritual growth.

No doubt, you are familiar with one or the other, or both and have made good use of them already to some degree at one time or another.

They are both so simple that their basic description belies the profound power they hold to radically change one's state of mind and heart in but an instant, if utilized sincerely.

The first one is this. . . . If something happens that is bad, sad, traumatic . . . like something breaks, or there is an accident . . . or some loss or "misfortune" . . . I quickly recall how many blessings I DO have and have benefited from, starting with the most basic.  For instance, AIR . . . being able to breathe . . . or to SEE and HEAR . . . and having the ability to taste things and satisfy hunger . . . water--the gift of water and of having access to clean, ever available water. . . . Then there is the blessing of having shelter, clothes, family, possessions . . . etc., and on and on.  Even "the poor" can imagine worse conditions and think of those who have it much worse.  Just as there is always somebody richer . . . there is always somebody poorer, so-to-speak--or in a state that involves far more suffering than what you are in.  I imagine refugees . . . martyrs . . . people tormented by war, homes shattered, lives lost . . . possessions all gone . . . wandering with nothing . . . of which there are plenty in the world.  Or the severely oppressed, destitute under brutal dictatorship.  There are those imprisoned, and unfairly or not, it is a miserable condition.  Rather than think of those who have things "better" than I, I rather am always considering myself fortunate realizing how much "better" I have it than so many others . . . which I deserve no more than any other!  And so, where one could be in a mental state of complaining, in depression or resentment because of some ill happening or situation . . . I rush to being grateful, remembering that God saved me . . . due to no worth of my own . . . and also that I have eternity with the Godhead to look forward to. . . .
Very quickly, if needed, I can shift my mental and emotional states from one of over-concern and darkness . . . to those of thankfulness and joy.  I refuse to let the shift be theoretical or shallow.  I hold still until I have truly moved--with all sincerity--into the more Godly position. . . .
Some insist that it is important--even healthy to wallow some time in sadness and angst, as if you are not being "truthful" if you don't . . . or that it must be borne in order to be "fleshed out" or "worked through".  I don't agree.  I believe it is almost always a wholly unnecessary and mostly self-indulgent pastime. . . . Yes, there are real, legitimate moments of grief which are part of existence in this world.  But I think they ought be far more rare than are so regularly engaged in. . . .

The other trick is one I learned more recently.  There are many things I would love to get to--hobbies, interests, goals, "dreams" etc.  Or even just go day to day without something breaking down needing to be fixed or replaced--to be able to get by with some relative ease without crappy stuff intervening and throwing things off track. . . . Not to mention the endless bills, fees, taxes, licenses, penalties--always beating one on the head and heart, keeping one down.
This trick says . . . that life is NOT something you are trying to get to . . . once you get past all the obstacles and hitches and responsibilities.  Life IS the obstacles and hitches and responsibilities!  Life IS . . . mostly about . . . fixing stuff, fixing situations with other people, relationships . . . repairing things . . . getting dinged, getting whacked, having accidents, messes, clutter, dust and dirt. . . . Life is NOT carefree.  Life IS all the cares. . . .
But what gets many people "down" and depressed and aggravated . . . is constantly attempting to attain some level of "carefree" coasting . . . which is guaranteed to disappoint INSTEAD of realizing that life IS all about the glitches and being constantly engaged in addressing them to varying degrees.
So, it's not "oh, if I could just have some time, some extra money . . . un-interrupted! . . . where I can do the things I want to do!" and then being forever frustrated (or becoming a totalitarian control freak making others miserable as you force them to comply with your fantasy); INSTEAD it's, "oh yeah, this problem suddenly here needing to be solved . . . is par for the course.  THIS is life."
Some insist that you should reject this approach as being "fatalistic" or defeatist. . . . But I disagree.  I think it is realistic and Biblical to understand that this place is basically a vale of tears . . . and meant to be . . . and that the "heaven" we are all trying to force NOW . . . is something we will indeed finally achieve . . . BUT NOT UNTIL HE GRANTS IT. . . .
Oddly, realizing and accepting this with grace and the aforementioned gratitude for what you DO have . . . leads to peace, joy and contentment, not to mention power to deal and bless . . . in the moment.

God bless ya'll.....


Mark said...

Good word!

Luke 21:27,28 27"Then they will see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN A CLOUD with power and great glory. 28"But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."


Upon that rock in native america,is the final symbol .This is the teiwaz rune is from the midevil furthark and represents targeting positive forces,personal stress,hard work,risk,justice.

If memory serves this symbol in the ohgam represents accention or up!

So look up!

Bro your word is backed by scripture and the rock

God bless

Anonymous said...

The first part worked for me briefly but keep falling back to old thinking either subconsciously or consciously.
The second one is more difficult in my opinion. I wish Christianity had a set system of meditation the way Buddhism, Hinduism etc has...I guess Christianity does but not in a step 1,step 2 type of way.
The closest I found is in works of people like Walter Russel, Red Elk etc
I tried emailing you again..don't know why it wont go can post this.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Another thing I realized(actually remembered) is a little thing I call "the way of forgiveness". Personally a lot of my current pains have to do with people but I find when I am able to forgive a great burden is taken off of me...I literally feel like I am able to breath better... So how to forgive??
By loving our enemies. I see that when I am able to love them then all the fear and unforgiveness is cast out but the trick is to really love them and not pretend otherwise it will not work.
I feel loving our enemies is something that comes through grace but it also greatly helps me when I am able to remember them for who they were to me before they seemingly turned on me. Really wonderful people that I truly cared about...what they are now seems to be some sort of mind control or dare I say "perfect possession" in the way Father Malachi Martin described.
Who they are now isn't who they once were to me...I remember who they used to be and I truly did care about them. In remembering this I am able to love them and even pity them. Not pity them in that I am any better but pity them in that if I am right and they are possessed then they are indeed poor souls who unless the Lord intervenes, they are caught in something far worse than our current suffering .
In a way it makes me feel afraid because I could easily be in their shoes and be the one possessed/lost...It's by the grace of God we are not in their shoes because as the Bible says only God is good and so any kindness/pure heartness(I know this isn't a word) that keeps us from becoming like them is simply God's goodness/grace that is upon us. So as you stated Bro T in "The Loving God Canard" He pretty much did it all for us.
My point is I think perfect Love can cast out all our sufferings.
This world sucks so much right now I'm contemplating quitting everything and becoming some type of monk/ renunciant so I can find a way to constantly dwell in this perfect Love...I need a way out of here...queue in crazy/psychotic laughter LOL

Take care

Brother Thomas ©2015

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