Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Habitual Slips And Drifts

It can't be reiterated enough . . . because as time slips by, as the days go by . . . and you are awash in the constant saturation of diabolical distractions, mis-directions, temptations, seductions--soaking in the insalubrious muck of the world--it is all too easy to drift off of the Path of righteousness.  Even now, the Enemy mocks and derides, "'path of righteousness! Ha ha! How dare you worthless, sinning human even think to be taking to some 'path of righteousness!  A fool's errand!  Give it up . . . get 'real' and just flow with the flow.  Don't embarrass yourself. . . ."

And always at first, the drift is so seemingly minor, so inconsequential--perhaps but an inch or two off the Path . . . that you are feeling quite secure that you are close enough to the Route such that there is not much danger, if any.  You can still see the Path, even touch it--"it's right there" . . . next to you within reach . . . so what's the big deal?  A little lie here, a bit of pride there, a momentary lust and straying thought. . . .

But on a long journey . . . even the slightest departure from the narrow way . . . over rushing time, within days, becomes a different path altogether, which eventually leads to a distant and wholly other destination.  The further you go along the variant course, with each step, it becomes increasingly difficult to get back to the original, strait Way. . . . For it is not only a matter of growing distance from the blessed trail but soon--often very soon--there also barriers, hedges, bogs, thickets filled with crawling dangers betwixt, ready to attach to you . . . to poison or drain or infect you before you can make it back to the righteous Road.

If you could see it--if you could slow down time and look through a giant, supernatural magnifying glass--you would see that every moment of your life, a war is blazing . . . in, around, under, above, on . . . you.  God's grace prevents so much of it from destroying you--you would be shocked to see how close to disaster you are every minute.  But He still allows a frightening amount to test and torment and challenge; for you are a living being, "fearfully and wonderfully made" . . . and He intends that you should learn to discern, strive, contest, proclaim, and to be a mature soul who stands and walks boldly right in the midst of the melee raging all around, exercising faith, pleasing Him in trust and faith and hope, living and showing that you resist the temptation to continually stray. . . .

"My Spirit shall not strive with man forever--"  Gen. 6:3

The Lord warns that there is a limit to His patience.  Constant, willful, repetitive sinning in His face will not to be countenanced.  The self-proclaimed "Christian" who is a compulsive liar, deceiver is either NOT a true believer, or is in grave danger of severe chastisement and correcting.  Same with those who continually lust and bear adulterous thoughts.  Likewise those that hate and are filed with jealousies, covetousness and boasting.

Many new platforms exist today . . . designed by the Enemy . . . to ensnare eyes and minds and hearts and ears . . . to entice drifting from the Path . . . to engage in prideful exhibitionism, flaunting, coveting, resenting, lusting, or even just mindless meandering . . . which, at first may be sporadic and relatively minor . . . but soon, one has strayed far form the "strait and narrow way" and is caught up in the raging torrents of the world--"the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride in one's lifestyle" . . . which things are "not from the Father, but is from the world."  --1 John 2:16

How cunning is the Enemy! . . . He is ever putting justifications and excuses and clever arguments in the mind of the subtly rebellious . . . to mollify the conscience and to wet-blanket Godly fear . . . so that . . . before long, what were once occasional slips and driftings . . . are now entrenched habits and even vaunted skills and degenerating ways of hour-to hour daily life. . . .

A real, pressing battle is raging all around and about you--WAKE UP!  Resist, reject the devil and get back to the blessed Path of righteousness, which is the strait and narrow Way . . . leading to ever conforming similitude . . . to the perfect Person, Jesus, Lord of the universe!  Praise God!  God bless! :)


Mark said...

Righteousness can be fought from a place of pride or a place of humility.

Anonymous said...

Bro T,
so you are saying eventually God's patience run's out for those of us who continually unrepentantly sin...or maybe to outsiders we seem unrepentant but truth be told even man reaches a point where their patience runs out and personally speaking I've practically begged God to change me so that I wont fall into the snare I've always fallen into...sex. I love women...I cant help it and you know what? He made man this way...even Solomon the wisest man to ever walk the face of the earth had this problem. What the hell are we supposed to do? Become a dry drunk and pretend we've changed...lock ourselves up in a monastery and live like monks...that's just another crutch...atleast to me it is
Listen I know this particular post isn't meant for one person alone but is meant to convict many, however to a degree I feel you don't understand the personal plight of someone like me...heck sometimes I feel God doesn't understand my plight.
What is someone like me to do? I have a great respect for you Bro T but I'm afraid even you don't have the answer...I've never met anyone who did. The closest thing I've come to was the idea of locking oneself up in a monastery and living a life of bland black and white...would you look foreward to such a life? I doubt it....the only real answer I can think of is GOd changing us from the inside out and who knows what time God has appointed for such a change...until that day I see no answers for us alcoholics, sex addicts...whatever addicts...
Brother again I have great respect for you but I doubt you have an answer other than God changing us from the inside out at his appointed time... It would be nice if there was something else...if there is let me know and if it rings true I will try and apply it to my life.


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