Friday, January 8, 2016

And now for something cute....

And now . . . for something cute . . .  the doggies, the pups, the "dogles", the "snow-dogles' . . . . It kinda wasn't what we intended . . . but we've ended up with two dogs..... We have:
 "Robert The Bruce"-"The Bruce"-"Bruce"-"Brucey Bruce"-(the red one) . . . and "Dude"--"Dude-uh"-"the Dude" (the white, lamby one) ......
[Oh, and side note.. I just saw the Rick Delano commented on my Geocentrism post.  He is the producer of "The Principle".... There are some great videos of him being interviewed about all the controversy and attacks surrounding the film which I will get some links up for in a bit... ]
[ps...i hope these little vids show up... they aren't looking right from my position, like they didn't upload correct... someone let me know if there's a problem if you would...]


Mark said...

For some reason the lord is stressing this "right now".It has to do with the commie created Syrian refugee crisis being felt by souls(israel) around the globe .

It has to do with a former post on your blog..

Sorry bro this is how it goes for me with the lord sometimes.

Puttin is working with the left and right to crush the U.S. the true promissed land.

Cute puppy's for shure....God bless

Truth be known we see no refugees crushing the "state of israel"(lie) .

ROGER said...

Bro. T.

I totally love watching animal videos!!!
They are so cute!!!
IE.. Mark's comment above...
Yep.. I was thinking today what Zeph
has mentioned in past podcasts: He
refers to this as the double-double
deception.. You call it the scissors
action.. Focus on the right jab and
then you are taken out with the left
cross.. Also, the low oil prices are
due to over-production by OPEC in
order to bust the "frackers" in the
US.. You have nailed it long ago
and now it's the mopping up stage..

Peace and many blessings,

Brother Thomas ©2015

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