Friday, December 4, 2015

playing phys·i·og·no·mist

The ghouls who are so brilliantly (not) making the world a better place. . . .
Just look at the innocence and natural beauty, loving expressions (not) oozing from their tender skins. . . .
Or . . . do they not rather exhibit demonic infestation, looking already like faces made to gilt the burning, shrieking halls of hell!. . . .

Sorry . . . I've just never been a big fan of the haute monde--especially those who specialize in destroying, perverting, abusing, terrorizing, pillaging all that is good and of God. . . .

No but really, when I see these people . . . it appears to me that they have become essentially demons in the flesh.  The spirit that indwells a person, I say . . . begins to manifest in the person's face and veritable being.  I say that's what's going on here. . . .

Zbignew   Brezinski

 Baron Rothschild

Bertrand Rindoff
 Harry Reid

Check out Philippine de Rothschild's Baphomet/Satan necklaces!  Pretty blatant!

 Valerie Jarret
 Prince Phillip
 Queen Liz
 David Rockefeller
Jimmy Saville


Mark said...

These are the dead,the dragon,of the goat head.....funny they look dead.

ROGER said...

Whoa..... Scary lookin' zombies for sure.. I do remember Zeph mentioning a couple months ago about this same thing occurred during the debates.. Evidently, there was a big flareup between Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina in regards to Carly's looks.. And allegedly, this was caught on video when she got mad and her eyes "changed" in features and/or color briefly.. I was never able to find that video of that incident.. Maybe one of your readers here could find that one?? Yep, I had an old college roommate that would facially morph when his anger started coming out.. His whole forehead would completely change... He was a truly troubled and tortured soul...

Peace and many blessings,
Thanks, Bro. T......

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