Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Doing A Show WIth Zeph, yay.....

Hey . . . just got off the phone with Zeph--who I consider one of the leading pioneers of alternative media/radio/prophetic voices. . . in the Internet age. . . .

We will be doing a show together tomorrow morning, Wednesday (12-30-15)  at 8:00 am Mountain Standard Time--

Not sure how he's doing things now, ie., if it plays live and/or he loads it up later that day...but it will be there soon I know.... A close out on 2015 insanity and a look forward to--what I consider a rather ominous looking--2016..... And various interesting topics I expect will be touched on.... perhaps things from Bigfoot to Geocentrism...gangstalking. . . .Russia, "Isis".....God!..... but we will see... it's a free flowing spirit run!:)


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robertj446 said...

Bro T & Zeph, Great Pod and Thanks for the time and effort!
A few thoughts that came to mind as you spoke:
1) The Russian play- Need to keep in mind the Globalist orchestration of world events that started in the late 19th century. The russian revolution was a western (Globalist) operation with supporting finance. The Russian people never asked for a communist revolution. The internationalists always seem to stay hidden while we chase the nationalistic (pawn) players they use. Whatever the Russian role is now is probably as disconnected from the people as the role of the USA is from it's people.
2) There was a new mathematical/astronomical theory released early in 2015 that "proved" the big bang was wrong. In essence the universe had no beginning and there will be no end. Again seems to have been buried given the profound impact such a theory would have. Nothing to see here move along:))
3) I read through the book "The Fourth Turning". Excellent food for thought essentially stating history is cyclical with 4 basic generational archetypes that repeat sequentially. The current "Millennial" generation being the same archetype (Hero) as the WW2 generation. Set in place for such a time as this to transition through a crisis that resets society for the next 80-100 year cycle. Interestingly the Boomers are the "prophet" archetype living through the period of "What happened"!! LOL

Again thanks for the Pod and Happy New Year!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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