Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Truth Vs. Feeling

I was thinking about the concept of "spirituality" . . . and how it is mostly mistaken to be a feeling.  Whether it is through Yoga . . . or "transcendental meditation" . . . or various of the "Christian" cult offshoots . . . or general "new ageism" . . . or Islam . . . etc., what is usually taken as "spiritual" signs for the followers, which keeps them following a particular "spiritual" path . . . is that strong FEELINGS are seen as the confirmation that the path is godly.

But similarly strong, and even ecstatic FEELINGS can be had from meeting one's favorite pop music or movie idol or rock group.  Or in pursuing and attaining some long fought-for personal goal.  Or from being in romantic love with another person . . . or from intense exercise/sports or from practicing austerities and physical disciplines. . . . Powerful, blissful, emotionally compelling FEELINGS may result and this is unthinkingly taken as a sure sign that one is on the right path or necessarily getting something "good".

Certain religious sects base their whole claim to legitimacy on the FEELINGS that the sect's dogma and fellowship produce.  "It must be true, because I FEEL so strongly about it!" (Ie., this is crux of LDS and some Charismatic ideology.)

Genuine "spiritual" experience (that is, spirituality which derives from the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD) is more about TRUTH than FEELING.  The Bible clearly confirms this.  (Ie., Jer. 17:9)

Many, many people have experienced and followed . . . and been doomed by . . . intense FEELINGS which ultimately proved to be based in pure (diabolical) fantasy.   (For who is not for Him is against Him).  Look at the emotions and array of powerful feelings that fantasy video games generate in the kids (and adults) who play them. . . .

Many have died, self-sacrificed even, to defend and/or fight for . . . a wholly theoretical and concocted belief system, whether political or religious.  The feelings wrought can be all consuming, yet the thing is an utter fiction at its core.

Real, life-giving, salvific spirituality . . . is about The Truth.  The more truth one comprehends and lives out, in and through the flesh--the more "spiritual" one actually is.  Feelings follow, but they should not be in the lead.  TRUTH should be in the lead.  Truth is the head.  If truth is treasured then the heart will be conformed appropriately.  But if feelings are treasured above all, the head will be lost in a world of delusion and "missing the mark" (sin).

A truly "spiritual" person loves the truth, come what may.  They seek after the truth in all things.  Lying, misrepresentation, double-mindedness, hypocrisy etc., become like hot coals increasingly not to be borne and to be rejected. 

Truth becomes more and more a refreshing water--sustaining "food" and "drink" (nourishment) for the living soul who seeks the final Authority and Truth at the foundation of all that is. . . .

Truth--which is known and appreciated by the mind, should lead the way; hence why repentance (metanoia/change of MIND) is so critical--foundational!--to the beginning of the only real Divinely Spiritual life to be had in this world. 

The devil tempts and entices through feeling more often than not it would appear (through pleasurable feelings in the body and those of the emotions).  False prophets, false teachings, demonic pathways . . . hijack the feelings and circumvent critical TRUTH-SEEKING thought and intention.

Those who do not love the Truth . . . will learn to love the Lie. . . .


Mark said...

One morning that quiet voice says"you are antichrist".I reacted like one would expect.Then came a chuckle from Dad,then he says go look it up anti.It turned out that anti has a numberof definitions.
over against, opposite to, before
for, instead of, in place of (something)
instead of
for that, because
wherefore, for this cause


My understanding is that Jesus Christ was truly anti(against the worlders of his day a nd speaking truth got him pursecuted hung on a cross).

And today the true believer is anti or "instead of"(jesus wont be here today in flesh).the true believer should be railing(warning/teaching) against the worlders of today to the death if need be......filled up with the spirit of antichrist(in the stead of)

Today most worldly churchy christians are on constant lookout for the antichrist and all this shows me is they can't decern "spirit" at all.Anti is not evil depending on how one looks at it.

The true believer is antichrist to the worlder....There is only "one" christ and his name is Jesus!

Its kinda like the anti are your sunglasses and you cant find them when their on top of your head....lol(chuckle).

Thank God for the opportunity to gain knowledge

Mark said...

Found it!

John1 4:2,3,4
…2By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; 3and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. 4You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.…

Those that are "in the world"but don't participate in its collective spirit are of the antichrist spirit....if one is of the spirit of Jesus/God you are the return of the messiah/jesus/God

Very treacherous piece of scripture.The point is to overcome who's lieing....Jesus or the world.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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