Monday, November 2, 2015

Tale Of The Firestarters (pt.1)

A large kingdom sits sprawling across many different land surfaces.  It has jungles, deserts, mountains, coastlines, large rivers, swamps and towering, bustling cities packed with traffic, buildings and people. 

It is also a hostile kingdom, violent, cruel and perverse.  The people there revel in their rebellious natures and carry flags and wear emblems supporting and championing all their favorite vices. . . .

And, well . . . they do not consider themselves to have vices.  In fact, they imagine to have found the secret to life.  No right, no wrong; just follow your feelings and what gives you immediate pleasure and all will somehow work out in the end.  No rules, no labels, no after-life consequences--"do what you will" is the whole of their law.

But, in reality there are consequences to everything--to every thought, to every acted upon feeling.  And though they imagine themselves to be living in an increasingly boundless and progressive paradise (with only a few stubborn glitches and recalcitrants to finally be forcefully ironed out) . . . they are steeping in a stew of murder, theft, betrayal, cruelty, perversion, hatred, insecurity, depression, insanity and poisoned bodies.  All are subjected to a deep, programmed trance which prevents them from realizing that their proclaimed untethered, free-will libertinism . . . is a wholesale sham.  And from realizing that a vile and psychopathic cabal of just a few overlords (led by one supreme among them) has them under ruthless control and thoroughgoing manipulation.

While they pay much attention to superficial appearances--forever fawning over and detailing their presented images/facades--anyone with true, living and objective eyes can see that their insides are full to the brim with filth; that their hidden selves are monstrous and deformed, sick and decaying.

Meanwhile . . . something astounding is happening. . . without and especially within that dark and dissolute dominion--something occurs, which in any natural sense would seem an impossibility. . . .

A type of fire is set, here and there . . . which gives the lie to the overlords' contention that their tyranny is complete and that any such "fires" are unthinkable within their domain.

Although the overlords and their supreme ruler have worked it to have virtual management and control over their subjects beginning from the womb on through to the grave, in fact, a notable portion of the population is tapped from their midst or so transformed--even within that gulag-kingdom, such that all the dictatorship's control methods fail against those so rescued; and these former citizens of gloom start to become altogether different types of creatures, stark in their contrast to the deluded, entranced once fellow prisoners . . . as these newly alight radiate a new kind of light, power, beauty and purpose, as if from another world. . . .

It is a marvel to witness--and many do from other parts of the universe--these emissaries of light who bring a supernatural fire, which ignites and radically alters what were once basically mind-controlled beasts of the lowest order into beings clearly bearing the imprints of a blazingDivinity. . . .

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