Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tale Of The Firestarters (pt. 2)

The emissaries of The Light leave the comforts of their homes and travel far, deep into the dark dominion.  They go by ones and twos into high mountain villages where the tribesmen live in dank, lice-infested hovels.  They brave freezing temperatures, suffer frostbite and strange diets where malnutrition is a constant companion.

They slog their way into deep, disease-ridden jungles, living and sleeping amidst biting insects by the swarms, wild animals and cannibals.

They will find their way to the distant edges of deserts and wastelands, alone or a few together, baking in the relentless sun, short of water, constantly abused and threatened by highway robbers and petty brigands . . . deprivations of all kinds attending all they do.

And yes, always they are confronting animosity, persecution, rejection, and potential murder, for the inhabitants of the hostile kingdom naturally hate their Master and His messengers.

What beautiful, wondrous creatures these are who risk life and health and limb for no immediate gain to themselves but who labor tirelessly for the glory of Another!  How so unlike the denizens of darkness who work only for themselves though disguise that abject selfishness in myriad projects and purposes.

Now, while the ambassadors of The Master were once also nominal citizens of the kingdom of death and decay, now they have been awoken--a fire lit in their minds , hearts and souls--and are as foreigners, scouts, missionaries behind enemy lines.

Their Master tells them He has others of their kind hidden throughout the wicked kingdom--asleep and temporarily caught up in the diabolical trance of the realm.  The dark overlords work day and night to keep all their subjects in a deluded, mesmerized state and leap savagely at any chance to crush, marginalize and deny the missionaries of Light and would fully exterminate them if they could. . . . But these brave soldiers and healers continue to work under fire, undaunted, so believing are they that their Master is Who He says He is and that they will see His ultimate victory in the end.

The Master, Who dwells beyond all, tells His followers, "I have prepared the way for you.  My children are scattered here and there throughout the darkness.  I have chosen them already and put tinder in them and fuel.  When you go out, proclaiming my message, they will begin to stir and will recognize my call . . . through you.  I share what I have with all my children and I give to you the opportunity and privelege to share in my glory as I make you the vessels of my flame.  To you will be given the thrill and joy to call out with my voice and to awaken the sleeping ones, and to be the spark that starts a holy fire in them, which then begins to blaze and burn and consume, once it is started, all the darkness, disease, filth, error, meaningless and angst that is their makeup while so caught in the trance of the evil, rebel overlord and his subjugated minions."

And really, this is all there is and all there is to do.  For the emissaries of the Light and as vessels of the holy, consuming fire, it is to be carriers of that supernatural flame and to set about calling for those who will hear and listen; and in response, recognizing the call, the children of the Light will ignite, having been already prepared and join the ranks of the Master's agents.

There is only one of two ways to go.  One way is with the imprisoned--mind, heart, body and soul-controlled citizens of the dark and doomed kingdom of death; the other is the way of life and light and glory and goodness; to be awake and ablaze with the holy fire of the living God, and to be in His will forever.


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All will walk through the valley of decision.

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Looks like the false rapture has begun complete with voice to skull.Now we can why the doors should be shut!

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